Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday Night Gaming?

So my friend Kenny and I have decided that we're going to start turning our Tuesday night grocery shopping trips into later nights, as we start playing some solo games once we make it back home.

We've kicked around alternating the GM chair, or just rotating games in a bunch of short arcs.

I know for sure that we're going to start with Marvel SAGA, resuming where we left off with the "Masters of Evil" campaign. When that happens, I'll post a summary bringing the game up to date, and then follow up with some actual plays.

From there, I'm pretty sure that we'll bust out the Street Fighter RPG, and give at least High Valor and Wu Xing a try, although I'd rather like to give BASH, Interface Zero and Apocalypse Prevention Inc all shots as well, at least in one-shot mode. Hopefully I'll get to play some of these games I've been reviewing this year! We may also do some Savage Worlds fantasy gaming, using those awesome PDFs by Misfit Studios as a basis...who knows?

Anywho, what we will play for sure is still to be decided...we've still got a bit of SAGA left to do, so look for that next week.

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