Friday, August 29, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 29: Most Memorable Encounter

So it was Marvel SAGA, right? The Sideliners had made their way to Castle Doom to confront Stryfe, who had deposed Doom and imprisoned him in Limbo, where he was battling waves of demons sent by Sym and N'astirh. Stryfe deployed his new henchmen, the Mojoverse Death Sponsors (Cancellator, Deadair, Sweepzweak, Timeslot and Lead-In), who were soundly thrashing the Sideliners.

As the team got beaten down, one of the PCs (an angel, Sophitia, who had been infected with a technorganic virus) was mystically contacted by Doom, who had been imprisoned in Limbo via the Space Gem, which Stryfe was using in the catacombs of Doom's castle. The angel used her infection to send a tendril under the castle to meddle with the Space Gem fueled portal holding Doom. Meanwhile, the physically weakest member of the team, Mindstorm, was the only one left standing against the Death Sponsors and he pushed, blowing out his Electrical Control powers, trumping repeatedly until he hit an insane action score that LEVELED Doom's castle and wiped out the Death Sponsors.

As he slumped to the ground, the rubble of the castle parted and Stryfe emerged...suddenly, the robotic BOTS recovered and charged Stryfe while flying, knocking him backwards...and into the waiting sword of the now-freed Doom.

And no, I was not on drugs when I put all those villains together, it was all part of a huge, multivillain conspiracy involving Mojo, Stryfe, The Hellfire Club, Sym and N'astirh.