Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 13: Most Memorable Character Death

Not Marshal Kidd
United States Marshal (and Blessed) "Ugly" Joe Kidd (I swear, I somehow did not know about the Clint Eastwood movie at the time) was one of my few forays into being a full on player (Deadlands Classic), and one of my favorites. His death was actually pretty ambiguous, as he was attempting to stop a Ravenite from opening up a scary portal leading to The Hunting Grounds and unleashing scary, scary stuff. He tackled the Ravenite through the portal and found the talisman keeping the portal open. He made a snap decision to destroy the talisman and prevent something huge and scary from getting through, but not before having a manly, yet touching, "goodbye" moment with his deputy on the other side, a Cherokee tracker and Shaman named Tontchay.

Such was Kidd's death that when the GM moved away and we opted to resume the game with the Savage Worlds rules and me in the GM chair, Tontchay was dead set on finding Marshal Kidd, convinced that Kidd had to still be alive.