Monday, August 18, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 18: Favorite Game System

If you couldn't guess this, then you haven't paid attention to much I have ever written. Since I picked up Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and dug into it, I have never looked back. I now have shelves full of Savage Worlds materials, I have computer folders full of Savage Worlds materials, I have worked for four Savage Worlds licensees and I have run multiple campaigns of various genres with Savage Worlds. It is, without a debt, the best roleplaying purchase I have ever made. For me and my group, it has continually lived up to the mantra of "Fast! Furious! Fun!". I love the core mechanics and I love the various permutations (Deadlands Reloaded, the supers rules, Suzerain, Streets of Bedlam and its Archetypes, etc.)

Make mine Savage, definitely.