Monday, October 1, 2012

Games I Wanna Run/Play

So I'm looking around my office after recently moving, and I have almost all of my RPG stuff unpacked...which just serves to remind me how little I've gamed recently, and how much I'd love to game well as some of the games I'd love to run.

Without further ado, and in no PARTICULAR order...

The Sideliners (Marvel SAGA) - I'm actually finishing up a long running, on and off campaign soon before my best friend moves to Boston. The characters involved are some of our oldest and longest running, and we'd like to give them some "closure".

Necessary Evil (Savage Worlds) - Hopefully, we can finish up the Plot Point campaign before my best friend moves, as he's an integral part of this game as well. Necessary Evil is the most fun I've had with Savage Worlds, and I've had a lot of fun with Savage Worlds.

Deadlands Reloaded - Whether playing something all new or resuming old campaigns, I just really wanna play more Deadlands, because it's my favorite setting ever.

Star Wars Saga Edition - My son is a huge Star Wars fan, and I ran some Star Wars for him a few years ago. I would love to resume that, I just have a real hard time coming up with age appropriate adventures.

The SAGA of Spider-Man (Marvel SAGA) - Another game with my son...and probably the only way I'll still run Marvel SAGA after my best friend moves.

The Savage World of Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds) - This is another "I want to resume an existing campaign" entry. Luckily, my player in this campaign isn't moving anywhere.

Dragon Age - I love the setting, the boxed sets just look sweet, I've played around with character creation and it's fast but fun...I wanna give this a go sometime, maybe with my kid, as Clint and Jodi Black have said it's actually a great game for kids.

Midnight (Savage Worlds) - No, there was no Savage Worlds version of Midnight...I would just be using a conversion and gladly so. The warped version of Lord of the Rings was my favorite thing to come out of the d20 era.

Ravenloft (Savage Worlds) - Based heavily off of the 3/.5 version by White Wolf with a dash of elements from the earlier versions as I see fit.

D&DNext - I'm loving what I'm reading from the files, and I have a playtest scheduled with a couple of interesting friends (using Roll20), but we haven't actually gotten to gameplay, unfortunately.

Wu Xing The Ninja Crusade - Probably the game I've wanted to play the most but haven't had a chance. I have no idea how Eloy Lasanta took so many of the things I dislike and made me like them, but he did. Oh MAN he did.

Pendragon 5.1 - Maybe even the Great Pendragon Campaign if the opportunity arose.

Monster of the Week - I've been reading this and collected all the Limited Edition Playbooks, and I'd totally dig the chance to give it a go. I'd actually choose it for a Buffy-style game over Buffy itself now, I think.

Savage Suzerain (Savage Worlds) - Specifically, starting with Caladon Falls and going from there.

Streets of Bedlam (Savage Worlds) - I'm actually planning to give this one a shot using the Mythic GM Emulator.

Hellfrost (Savage Worlds) - Because those are some awesome, impressive books, giving Savage Worlds some epic fantasy, even if it's not particularly high powered.

Dungeonworld - It seems like it could be a fun twist on D&D style play.

Transformers-ish Game (Cartoon Action Hour Season 2) - An idea that occurred to me for my kid. He even has a character in mind.

Fiasco - I got to play in a partial demo of this on Skye, but haven't had a chance to play a full game. There are some GREAT playsets out there.

Leverage - My favorite of the Cortex+ games, based off of one of my favorite TV shows.

Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor - A horror/mystery sandbox by Arc Dream...I'm not sold on the system, but the setting and premise are so cool I'd give it a shot.

Ghostories - A very cool, underappreciate horror RPG by Precis Intermedia.

I could probably go on...and I know a lot of those are kinda vague, but as a rule, I don't begin planning more than the very basics of a campaign until the PCs are in front of me...taking whatever they want to play (unless it's disruptive) and building the campaign around that.

But clearly, I need to game more.