Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Touch of Evil: To The Last Man Variant

So A Touch of Evil started off with eight characters and a single board...but has now blown up into 24 characters and three makes it pretty easy to never really play with some of the characters, especially since we tend to use random draws for our characters, so tonight we went with new variant:

- Everyone draws a random hero.
- If that hero is KOed, they are assumed to be killed.
- The Shadow Tracker moves 1 step closer to darkness.
- Roll d6 and discard Investigation, Allies and/or Items as normal.
- During the Mystery Phase, bring a new Hero into play. The Investigation, Items and Allies are given to the new Hero for taking up the fight for Shadowbrook.

We actually tried to play with this variant, but the three characters we drew (Heinrich Cartwright, Harlow Morgan and Eliza the Witch Hunter) actually stayed alive until the Showdown with The Sunken Seven, when Harlow's death pushed the Shadow Tracker to 0.

Still, seems like a promising variant for those times in which we are lamenting not using all the heroes.