Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 5/4/10

Alright...its NXT time!  David Otunga vs R-Truth!  Shoot me now!

- Remember, Michael Tarver goes home next week.

- Striker is here with the Rookies who are at ringside.  Apparently two powerbombs from Batista is enough to tape Bryan up.  Daniel Bryan had a good showing on Raw Monday against Batista.

- Reminder of the Pro's Poll, in which Michael Tarver goes home.

- An obstacles course with monkey bars, up a ladder, ring a bell, around ringside, over the barricades and through the WWE crowd...drink a beverage, head to the ring, juggle for 5 seconds and do a "dizzy bat challenge" and then push the cart past the line.  The winner gets an immunity, Michael Tarver NEEDS to win this.

- Looks like Daniel Bryan is up first.  Correction, it was three Batista bombs.  Bryan is moving kinda slow.  Bryan is taking forever drinking a soda.  He's at 2 minutes and Matt Striker is taunting him.  Great TV.  Not really.  They have totally turned me against Bryan.  That's not fair...Bryan has turned me against Bryan. didn't feel a minute over 5.  Miz is out to mock him and rightfully so.  His winless streak against Tarver's winless streak!


- Tarver has never looked happier on this show.  Why didn't he go after the ribs on the tie up?  Correction, Miz is at ringside as well.  Bryan takes Tarver down...he goes for a Surfboard but smashes the knees!  Tarver attacks the ribs and gives him a huge corner whip!  Bryan gets his foot up!  Shining Wizard!  He's too slow to recover and Tarver overtakes him!  I am getting tired of EVERY WWE match having the "corner boot lift" cutoff.  We go to commercials with Bryan in a camel clutch.

- Bryan eats a suplex!  Bryan clumsily reverses an irish whip and unloads with kicks that pop the crowd.  Forearm in the corner!  Takeover suplex!  Armbar!  Tarver powers him up and slams him!  Tarver pins Bryan with his swinging Bodyslam!!

Winner: MICHAEL TARVER via pinfall (Swinging Bodyslam)

- Tarver is pulling Bryan up at Carlito's insistence...BACKSTABBER!  Miz is just jawing him now.

- They showed Young announcing that he would face cM Punk if he won last week.  Backstage, Punk is lecturing Young.  Punk informs Young that he won't make a statement out of him.  Punk tells Young to figure out who he is and what he wants to be, but if he doesn't win the obstacle course, Punk will decide for him.

- Slater is up in the obstacle course.  He struggled just a bit in the monkeybars.  Racing up the stairs.  Slater drinks the soda faster the Bryan, nearly messes up going over the barrier.  He beats the time, setting the new time to beat at 1.36.9.

- Darren Young slips off the monkey bars and the ladder.  Too much babyoil? The soda tosses Young a curveball.  Young wipes out going over the barrier, dropping the balls...Young looked incredibly sloppy.

- Justin Gabriel is here!  Striker references his firing from his teaching job.  He's doing alright so far.  Wearing a Matt Hardy shirt I just noticed.  He just KILLED the soda.  He juggles one handed!  Nice!  1:29!  Justin Gabriel killed it!

- Otunga is up next.  Having more trouble on the monkey bars than I would have imagined.  Good time on the ladder.  Can he drink soda?  Two drinks.  Good job.  He fails on the juggling, falling a hair short.

- And now Otunga faces R-Truth!


- Is...Otunga bobbing his head to R-Truth's crappy rapping?  R-Truth with the dancing.  He slaps Otunga in the face!  Tie-up.  R-Truth outmaneuvers him and jaws at him.  Otunga with a cheapshot and ends him into the post!  Big shoulderblock by Otunga!  Commercials.

- Otunga still in control.  Trading slaps!  Otunga unloads!  Abdominal stretch.  Crowd is HUGE behind R-Truth...and reverses it!  Kick to the ribs!  Otunga proves he's never seen an R-Truth match!  Lie Detector gets it!

Winner: R-TRUTH via pinfall (LIE DETECTOR)

- Wade Barrett is up!  Wade, who does not need immunity, is having trouble with the monkey bars and walks away.

- Here's Skip Sheffield!  He as doing fine, but stumbled on the monkey bars.  Now having trouble on the ladder.  If he doesn't kill the soda in one drink, I riot.  He did do it in two.  Not gonnna do it.  Just BARELY misses it.

- Michael Tarver is gotta do it to it.  He falls off  the monkey bars.  Twice.  Finally does it.  Slow going up the ladder.  The soda is sure kicking his butt.  Is...he going to vomit?  Tarver taps to the soda!

- Crap.  They're gonnna let Justin talk!  Nice!  "Your ego outweighs your talent!"  God, Otunga is so bad on the mic.  SWERVE!  Tarver says HE should be eliminated!  He says that if he's gone, then the other seven "Walking dead bodies" would be safe.  Sheffield says Tarver should go home.

- Funniest (unintentional) line of the night: Heath Slater reassuring the fans that "Heath Slater is going nowhere".  Indeed, Heath, indeed.

- OMG, Otunga called him Justin GAYbriel. LOLOL.  Barrett says he's going nowhere, and Bryan says he should go home!  Young says he wants it more than everyone, and when he gets to Barrett, Barrett pie faces him and they brawl!