Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 4/27/10

Okay, had a small case of real its time to blog NXT!

- Heath Slater got a Raw appearance this week, getting beat up by Chris Jericho.  Good for him.

- Michael Tarver has apparently been banned from using a knockout punch.  Which means he's dead in the water as they built him up as a knockout guy.  Stupid WWE creative.  That should guarantee him as the first elimination.

- Tarver has two weeks left.

- Matt Striker and the rookies are in the ring, Striker giving each intros.  Wow...Slater got a good pop.  That's disgusting.

- Straight into the new competition.  The "Seal the Deal" challenge.  Huh.  Selling merchandise.  Alright.  Winner takes on the pro of their choice next week.

- Skip's jacket could be dangerous if he gets out in the crowd.  This is...gonnna suck.  Aw, Sheffield made change.

- Here comes Christian, so we won't be doing it all at once, thankfully.


- Just saying, this would have been a good night to debut Barrett's music.  Replay of Slater pinning Jericho last week.  Jericho and Slater to start and Slater knocks Jericho down!  Barrett in!  Slater takes over and tags in Christian.  Michael Cole calls them the "team of Christian Slater".  Jericho runs in and Christian stops him!  Barrett takes over!  Jericho in now and its a mugging!  Jericho is cranky about his lost.  Jericho beats Jericho down in the corner.  Christian ducks the running bulldog and hits a reverse DDT!  Flying forearm by Slater and a high knee!  Neckbreaker out of nowhere, but Barrett with a save!  Christian knocks Barrett down and dives onto Barrett!  Walls attempt...inside cradle by Slater!  Kickout!  CODEBREAKER!!  That's it!

Winners: CHRIS JERICHO & WADE BARRETT via pinfall (Codebreaker on Slater)

- Decent match, but it didn't accomplish anything other than giving Jericho his win back, which is fine.

- Daniel Bryan is IN the crowd for the program selling.  Bryan's GIVING the programs away because he's "not a capitalist".  Alright.  His "Death to Capitalism" spiel just made him my least favorite guy in the competition.

- Recap of Luke Gallows trying to cost Darren Young a match against Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield.

- Carlito is lecturing Tarver earlier in the day, and tells Tarver to carry his bags.  Don't act offended dude, most of us have been there at some point.

- Justin Gabriel and Matt Striker are in the crowd.  Gabriel asks them to help him win...I have a feeling the eventual winner will be the one smart enough to announce his match.  Gabriel is selling away, give him credit for that.  Striker calls it 22.  Nice.

- Josh Matthews is DYING because Cole called 22 programs $5,000.

- The Pros are talking about Tarver.  Miz craps on him, as does Jericho.  Regal thinks people aren't taking him seriously enough.  CM Punk blames Carlito more than he does Tarver.  They play up the fact that Tarver is on the bubble.


- Hm...Gallows and no Punk?  Young and Tarver with tie-ups, and Tarver with a cheap shot.  Irish whip with authority.  Weird bodyslam by Tarver.  Tarver unloads with punches and snap mare.  Armbar maneuver, and Young is fighting out.  Rolling forearm by Young!  Dropkick!  Irish whip reversal by Tarver, but Young hits a flying shoulder block!  Tarver bails and wipes out Young when he comes after him!  Nice move whipping Young's shoulder into the post!  Gallows with a chop block on Tarver!!  Young faceplants him!  That's it!

Winner: DARREN YOUNG via pinfall (release faceplant)

- Gallows enters the ring and Young celebrates, Gallows still doesn't look happy.  Tarver looked good there.

- David Otunga is our fourth rookie.  Otunga hands off the bag to a kid.  Looks like he raked it in, but Striker says we will tally it...but that makes me wonder about this contest.

- Skip Sheffield vs The Miz tonight.

- The Draft was Monday and we get a recap video of that.

- Video package on Justin Gabriel.  Miz, Christian and Matt Hardy put Gabriel over.  Jericho calls him a one trick pony, and Punk buries Matt Hardy.  R-Truth says he has a great image, and Regal puts over his dedication and talent.

- Recap of Gabriel pinning Otunga.

- Otunga and R-Truuth are backstage.  Truth calls Otunga on wanting an esay handout, ad tells Otunga that he if he can't run with the big dogs, to get off the porch.

- Heath Slater is here to sell programs.  He has to beat $315.  He's saying "Here we go" way too much.  Slater left a pile of programs on the ground.

- Now we're onto Darren Young!  He says he'll face Punk next week!  People aren't swarming on him.  Young missed the mark.  Apparently they recalculated Justin Gabriel earlier.

- Tarver walks away, as he shouldn't have to sell programs, WWE should be selling him.  Which is true.

- Wade Barrett is up.  Does this mean we're about done?  Gabriel's just cutting a promo...ha!  He's taking the change money, keeping it, and walking away.  Yeah, Barrett totally showed up Tarver.

- Skip Sheffield vs The Miz, still to come.

- The Pros are talking about Daniel Bryan.  Jericho says he's already a superstar.  The pros, except Miz, are putting him over.  If this is legit, the pros basically confirm that they are voting for him based off of his non-WWE work.

- Otunga puts me to sleep when he talks.  Otunga is facing R-Truth next week. I have to recap that?!  Seriously...Otunga is the most overrated guy in this competition.


- Miz is wearing a ton of make-up to sell Big Show's punch that ended ShowMiz.  God, I love Regal's music.  Regal is in Miz's face over something.  Miz is  trying to cut a promo with a "swollen jaw".  Miz is backing out of the match!  He's putting Daniel Bryan in!  A streak must end!  Miz walks away as Bryan slips out of Skip's grasp and attacks him!  Ground and pound into a leglock!  Sheffield is in the ropes!  Repeated kicks to Sheffield but Skip grabs the leg!  He dumps Bryan and hits a clothesline!  What's this?  A stunner variation!!  That's it!

Winner: SKIP SHEFFIELD via pinfall (Backpack Stunner)

- Wow, I would have loved to see that go 6-8 minutes.  The story is that Bryan was unprepared, but he and Sheffield both looked great in what little time there was.  Regal approves!

- The show ends with Bryan fuming, Sheffield looking insane and Regal looking impressed.

- The program thing was awful, but that was some good stuff.  I really hope Sheffield sticks around, although the bald head, black trunks, vest and stunner move might prove to be a bit too much for some people.