Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 5/18/10

It's time for NXT!

- Last week, WWE threw a curveball and eliminated Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan and Skip Sheffield...and eliminations will apparently continue tonight!

- Standard WWE opening.

- Recap from last week's eliminations.

- I'm guessing Justin Gabriel goes this time...they seem like they are trying hard to build Darren Young up, and Otunga is apparently safe.  Heath Slater or Otunga SHOULD go...and if Barrett goes, we riot.

- "Wild & Young" intro.

- Striker's NOT introducing the rookies...but he is bringing out the WWE Pros.  And it's all of them, not just the ones with rookies still in the competition.  Wait...there's no Carlito or R-Truth.

- Miz wants someone who will grow the audience.

- Regal seeks adaptability.  He points out that he's adapatable, going from funny to serious.

- CM Punk gets incredibly sarcastic, and then refuses to talk to the audience.

- Christian seeks someone who will "capture the imagination" of the Universe.  He agrees with The Miz on the "It" factor.  He says that one guy in the competition still has not shown him "It", but doesn't say who.  Regal picks a fight and says Christian hasn't shown him "It" in the last 10 years.

- Matt Hardy regurgitates the previous answers in a total babyface fashion.  Hardy points out, though, that they also need to be able to survive the locker room.

- Jericho just wants someone who will make him pay money to see them...and says that no one, aside from "one exception", has done that.  I assume he means Barrett.

- Where's Carlito and R-Truth?

- Darren Young is out and Punk looks annoyed.  He starts to follow him to the ring, then turns around and heads back.

- Jericho's music hits...and Barrett is STILL stuck with Jericho's music.  What happened to getting his own?  Jericho heads to the ring with him.


- Recap of Barrett and Young getting into it a few weeks ago when Young tried to cut an in-your-face promo.  Trash-talk by Barrett and a shove.  Young takes Barrett off his feet and they brawl until Barrett powders.  Young comes to the apron and Barrett takes his legs out!  Rams his back into the apron!  HUGE boot!  Kickout.  Barrett with a huge knee and a surfboard.  Barrett misses an elbow, and Young and Barrett have a sloppy exchange.  Cena Shoulder by Young.  He drops Barrett and hits a slam.  Jawbreaker staggers Young, but Young feeds him a forearm!  They slip out of each other's finishers, and Barrett counters a tornado DDT, but Young yanks his throat over the ropes!  Young heads up top...Barrett crotches him!  Fireman's Carry Slam!


- That sure seemed sloppy, and more on Young than Barrett.  Where the crap are R-Truth and Carlito?

- Otunga video package.  Regal says he has a lot going for him.  Jericho says he stands out, Miz says he's the next breakout star.  Christian says the in-ring work isn't there, and Punk just trashes him.  Hardy says he's got a free pass.  Christian, Punk and Hardy take turns ripping on him.  R-Truth hopes he learns fromm working with him.

- Thank God some of the pros called BS on that dude.

- Tarver and Daniel Bryan are in the ring with Striker.  Bryan is dressed like a dork.  Recap of their eliminations, both being kicked off for saying they should have beeen the ones eliminated (for different reasons).

- Tarver cries foul because WWE management trashed him, even though he was told it would be the Pros doing it.  He says WWE management has no decency or professionalism.  Tarver plays the race card...oh, wait, nevermind.  He's talking about how he stood out by not screwing with the competitions...but Striker cuts him off.

- Striker moves to Bryan.  He pulls the same "management" argument, then breaks onto a worked shoot rant about WWE politics.  Bryan says he's the "best person for this job".  Bryan cuts a promo appealing to the Pros, while Cole trashes on him.  Bryan picks on The Miz, setting The Miz off.  Regal says Bryan IS better.  Striker interrupts when Bryan challenges The Miz, and Bryan cuts him off.  Then he sets his sights on...Michael Cole!  Bryan cuts a promo on Michael Cole, ripping into him, calling him a poor man's replacement for JR before smacking him!  Striker and referees pull him back before he chokes out Cole!

- A "moments ago" recap of Bryan attacking Cole.

- Matthews is asking Cole if he's okay, but Cole gets ticked off about it.  Cole says he should be arrested.


- Cole won't shut up about Bryan, and says he'll press charges.  Slater overwhelms Gabriel ain the opener, and Cole storms away, the cameras focusing on him and not the match.  Gabriel dives on Slater, but he steps back and kicks him out of the air!  Slater grounds Gabriel, but he fights out.  Crowd seems to be behind Gabriel.  Huge kick by Gabriel!  Slater with a sloppy flapjack for two.  Slater eats feet, but hits a spinebuster for two!  Gabriel with some kicks out of nowhere!  He kills Slater with a HUGE kick.  450 SPLASH!

Winner: JUSTIN GABRIEL via pinfall (450 SPLASH)

- Christian sure seems disappointed, but Gabriel helps Slater up.  Christian shakes hands with Hardy and Gabriel, and Slater shakes hands with Gabriel as well.

- Sheffield is backstage cutting a promo about his elimination.  He says he was eliminated for being a "threat".

- Michael Cole has returned, it seems.  He's here to shill for Over The Limit, apparently.

- Darren Young video package.  Jericho admits he ranked Young last the first time.  R-Truth says he feels bad that he's stuck with Young.  Punk says he's there to guide.  Jericho doesn't like his look, Miz does.  R-Truth says he could, in fact, but a superstar.

- Recap of his loss to Barrett.

- Striker tells The Pros to convene, as someone goes home NEXT!

- The Rookies are at ringside!

- Barrett, Gabriel, Otunga, Slater, Young...that's my prediction.

Pro's Poll:
#1: Barrett
#2: Otunga - yuck.
#3: Slater moves to three?!
#4: Justin Gabriel
#5: Darren Young is gone.

- Wow...I'm surprised.

- Young hands the mic to Young, to go to the Pros himself!  He thanks the fans in the arena and at home.  He says he has respect, unlike the rest of the rookies.  He shows his respect to each Pro.  He thanks the Pros, but the crowd craps all over him.  Classy.  Young promises that he'll be back.

- Another recap of Bryan attacking Cole.

- We hit the final three next week.