Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 5/25/10

We're getting VERY near the end of NXT!

- One thing we haven't heard anything for sure on is if they are going to stretch out the end, or if this season will end early due to the three eliminations in one week.

- Good thing Tarver's already gone, as Carlito was fired last week.  Put me in the column of guys who were really sad that Carlito never seemed to live up to his potential.  Maybe he'll get himself straightened out, come back and be a star.

- Daniel Bryan, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield and Darren Young have all been eliminated, which makes me a sad panda as I liked all four of them, and I don't like David Otunga or Heath Slater.

- New video opens the show, focusing on the eliminations thus far.  I still don't get why Tarver was eliminated for his comments...he said he should be eliminated to protect the other stars.

- Well, they just said "with only two weeks remaining", so that implies that it WILL end early.  Wonder what happens next?

- Here come The Pros.

- CM Punk doesn't come out due to his head shaving, but R-Truth is here tonight.  Hardy congratulates him when he comes out in a nice touch.

- Barrett's out to something other than "Wild & Young", but they are all coming out to iit, so it apparently isn't his theme song.

- My mouse is being annoyingly touchy.

- Next week, my recaps end, apparently.  Still very curious what happens next.

- Barrett says Gabriel isn't "man enough", Otunga reminds him of "Benny Hill", but says the "Ginger Ninja" Heath Slater should go home.

- Gabriel sticks with Otunga, and says Otunga has no idea what he's doing in the ring.

- Otunga says Barrett's boring and Slater's annoying, but says Gabriel is a glorified gymnast.

- Slater's annoyed at Barrett and seems awfully pleased when he points out that Barrett has a "nose as crooked as the road".

- Tag matches tonight, apparently.

- Yay. R-Truth's rapping.


- Slater and R-Truth are up.  R-Truth takes Slater down and gets a headlock.  Nice back and forth chain wrestling and Slater hits a huge shoulder.  R-Truth with some big armdrags and an armbar.  Otunga is in with a wristlock.  Slater quickly takes ovver with an armbar and into a wristlock before tagging Christian.  Hammerlock by Christian.  Ow!  Christian with a big open hand shot.  Otunga gets out quickly and R-Truth is in.  Big leg lariat by R-Truth!  Double teaming by R-Truth and Otunga.  Otunga with a chinlock.  Christian fights up, but Otunga gives him knees.  Christian ducks two clotheslines and eats a shoulder.  Slater's looked better.  Michael Cole is in love with Otunga.  Christian fights back and feeds him the European Uppercut off the ropes!  Slater is in!  Forearm!  Again!  Three!  OW!  Dropkick to a seated Otunga in the corner!  Otunga fires back, neckbreaker!  Otunga gets his foot on the ropes!  Slater goes after Otunga, but gets dumped!  Slater fights him off as he comes back in and goes up top...crosss body but Otunga rolls through for three!

Winners: DAVID OTUNGA & R-TRUTH via pinfall on Slater (cross body roll through)

- Otunga, at this point, is still not where the other seven were at when the show began.

- Will Daniel Bryan publicly apologize to Michael Cole tonight?!

- Michael Cole is in the ring with security, and Michael Cole is getting more heat than any rookie has gotten tonight.

- Recap of Bryan going off on Cole and smacking him around.

- Cole is threatening to sue Daniel Bryan.  No suit against WWE for putting him in that position?

- Here comes Daniel Bryan.  Tuck in your shirt, dude, or lose the sweater vest.

- Bryan says he's going to apologize.  Cole interrupts every time Bryan starts talking, basically.

- Cole dismisses his security.

- Bryan apologizes, awwww...Cole extends his hand.  He calls Cole the worst annnouncer in WWE history!  He keeps Cole from getting away from his handshake!  Security hits the ring and Cole hides behind them and Bryan rips into him some more!  Cole says Bryan didn't deserve his spot.

- Wow...Cole's getting to bury Bryan now, too.  What's the over-under on Cole beating Bryan in a match?  Cole slaps him!  Bryan manages to get past security and get to Cole before security drags him off.  Miz is standing on the stage and he's badmouthing Bryan...Bryan attacks The Miz!  Security trying to keep THEM apart now!  Nice, The Pros are just watching.

- Matt Striker is on commentary!

- Striker points out that Bryan has proved he has passion and heart with his reaction, but he's lacking respect.

- Josh Matthews is defending Bryan, Striker is saying he lackss respect.

- Jericho's music hits and here comes Jericho with Barrett.


- So, no tag match?  Barrett takes over quickly, but Gabriel flips out of a hiptoss!  Barrett on the attack and a nice field goal kick to the ribs.  Gourdbuster!  HUGE boot!  Barrett clubs Gabriel and gets the sitting abdominal stretch.  Am I alone in thinking Gabriel looks like Rick Martel?  Gabriel ducks a clothesline and unloads with kicks!  Big spin kick!  Forearm drops Barrett!  Floatover Stinger Splash and springboard cross body!  Barrett takes over with the slingshot backbreaker!  Barrett takes him up...Gabriel fights back!  Sunset flip powerbomb!  450 SPLASH!!

Winner: JUSTIN GABRIEL via pinfall (450 SPLASH)

- Very nice match for the time given.Barrett is very disappointed, as is Jericho.

- The Pros are conferring.

- The Rookies are in the ring.

- Slater has a look like he's losing and knows it.

#1. Wade Barrett - YES!
#2. David Otunga - Ugh.
#3. Justin Gabriel
#4. Heath Slater is going home.

- The crowd popped for that.  Ouch.

- Striker asks Christian why Slater's going home.  I think we're getting the Slater heel turn!  Christian thinks the deck was stacked against Slater from the beginning.  Christian says Slater has a big future and he's proud of him.  So we don't get the turn.

- The Miz says Slater never gave his all.  And Otunga has?  Really?

- R-Truth says...well...I'm not sure.

- Chris Jericho simply says that Barrett is destined to win, so it doesn't matter who goes home when.  Then he rips into Barrett for getting too comfortable at #1.  Nice.

- Slater just really, really sounds kinda whiny.  But he's making some great points...he talks about Jericho beating Austin and Rock in one night, but Slater beat Jericho.  VERY nice line: "You may have pulled the plug on the One Man Rock Band, but get ready for the encore."

- Probably the best rookie promo yet.

- Next week, it all ends!