Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 5/11/10


Its time for NXT and the elimination of Michael Tarver!

Daniel Bryan pinned Santino on Raw in a handicap match last night, giving him a compelling reason not to be eliminated in the face of Tarver.

- We get a video recap of the journey to now, with highlights of each rookie as well as clips from their victories in the competitions.

- Humorously, the closed captioning kept mentioning Michael Buffer.

- When is Wade Barrett getting his music?

- Otunga has a huge "D" on his belt buckle.  Its not for "David" its for "D-List".

- Otunga has head phones on.  Nice.

- Recap of the rookies beating John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust and Santino in a handicap match.

- Striker shows Tarver saying he should be the one eliminated last week.

- Wow.  Tarver got eliminated, no screwing around, just like that.  He acts like he's going to take a shot at Striker, then walks away smiling, before snapping off.  Well...alright then.

- Uh-oh...is Bryan going home, too?  Or is he safe from pinning Santino?

- ...what?!  He's gone!  Was...that a shoot?

- ...holy CRAP...three guys going home tonight?!  Tarver and Bryan are eliminated by WWE management for their comments AND a Pro's Poll elimination?!

- Wade Barrett vs Heath Slater is NEXT.

- Sheffield is SCREWED.


- Headlock by Slater.  Ducks a clothesline and slides under Barrett, hitting a dropkick and then a clothesline to the floor!  Barrett dodges a leap to the floor, and screws up covering too much for a clothesline.  Barrett is all over Slater.  Surfboard by Barrett.  Crowd FINALLY rallies...Barrett cuts him down.  Barrett gets knees!  Slater unloads!  Forearm!  Clothesline!  Flapjack gets two!  Barrett cheap shot!  Slater fights out of his finisher!  Jumping neckbreaker!  Kickout!  Slater goes up top...Barrett catches him!  Fireman's Carry Slam!!

Winner: WADE BARRETT via pinfall (Fireman's Carry Slam)

- Good match for the time it was given.  Crowd "oooed" when Barrett caught Slater off the ropes.

- Striker is backstage with Tarver.  Tarver is throwing a pity party.  He says the ruling was fair in eliminating him, but the contest wasn't fair.  Tarver walks away when Striker asks what's next.


- Young has no CM Punk or Straight Edge Society.  Sheffield overpowers Young.  Young unloads on Sheffield but eats a shoulder that knocks him funny.  Young points Sheffield in the corner, but he slips out and drops Young on the middle rope!  Sheffield is pummeling Young!  Neck wrencher on Young.  Sheffield slams Young down!  Chinlock on Young.  Sheffield with a huge slam.  Misses a splash!  Young feeds him a boot and a pair of inverted atomic drops.  Weak clothesline.  Huge shoulder by Young!  Sheffield fights out of Young's finisher and hits the Backpack Stunner!!

Winner: SKIP SHEFFIELD via pinfall (Backpack Stunner)

- Regal approves the finish.  Is Sheffield safe?  I have no idea now.  Regal and Sheffield would make a great pairing, though.

- Recap of the Tarver elimination.

- Recap of the Bryan elimination.

- Bryan says the elimination was fair...but he apparently misses the part about how WWE management eliminated him, not the pros.  Bryan cuts a promo about being the best in the world...but drops his real name. Hm.


- This is a rematch from a couple of weeks ago when Gabriel pinned Otunga after R-Truth refused to help Otunga out.  Gabriel with a fireman's carry, takes Otunga down, hits a dropkick and a Stinger Splash where he floats over, but Otunga knocks him off the ropes.  Otunga with some knees.  Tosses him up and drops him.  Slaps Gabriel.  Big shoulders in the corner.  Abdominal Stretch on Gabriel.  Hammering elbows into Gabriel, who flips him out!  Big kicks!  Otunga back to a knee.  Because that's all his moves.  Gabriel is all over Otunga.  Otunga suplexes him accross the top rope.  Iron Curtain.

Winner: DAVID OTUNGA via pinfall (Iron Curtain)

- Gabriel looked good.  Otunga looked like crap.

- The remaining rookies are at ringside.  Striker is asking who should be eliminated.  Young tries to cut a promo, Striker cuts him off and he says "Barrett".  Slater tags Otunga.  Gabriel says he doesn't care...but then says Otunga, citing his attitude problem.  Sheffield says Otunga!  Otunga says "Everyone", Striker doesn't buy it.  Otunga picks on Slater and calls him a wannabe.  Barrett, eventually, says Otunga.

- A agree.

#1. Wade Barrett - No surprise.
#2. David Otunga - UGH.
#3. Justin Gabriel
#4. Heath Slater - Ugh.
#5. Darren Young
#6. Skip Sheffield - ARGH.  I saw it coming, but I hated it.

- Sheffield claims he's been misguided, but he's not blaming Regal.  Sheffield says everything happens for a reason, but he WILL BE BACK.

- Next week, there will only be four.

- Huh.  That was a curveball of a show.