Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 6/1/10

So, judging by non-spoiler reactions, I'm going to be very disappointed by NXT.

- A highlight package opens the show, running the whole series, including eliminations.

- Barrett wins or we riot.

- Seriously...Otunga shouldn't even BE here at this point.

- Striker is in the ring!

- I would be fine with Gabriel.  He's not as complete a package was Barrett, but he's got a future.

- The five eliminated Rookies are in the front row.

- Here come the Carlito's not with them.

- Now here comes Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel.

- Ugh.  Otunga's winning and taking on R-Truth for the US title.

- Two Pro's Polls tonight.

- Ooooh...Next week, Season 2 of NXT.

- Husky Harris, son of Mike Rotunda...paired with Cody Rhodes!

- Triple Threat Elimination...NEXT!

- Harris does not have the "WWE look"...but he looks a lot like Cody's dad...

- John Morrison will be a Pro for Season 2!  Apparently he's got a giant...Eli Cottonwood.  7'1"!  The guy is not threatening when he talks...but looks good.


- What the Hell is on the back of Otunga's head?!  The big guys go after Gabriel, who fights back.  Otunga drops Barrett, but Gabriel with a quick cover attempt.  Gabriel dropkicks Barrett through the ropes, but Otunga takes over.  HUGE clothesline in the corner.  A second one by Otunga.  Matthews calls Gabriel a "one trick pony".  Barrett dumps Gabriel and beats down Otunga.  He nails Gabriel as he tries to enter the ring.  Otunga blocks a suplex, and Gabriel hits a springboard sunset flip on Barrett!  Otunga all over Gabriel now.  Dumps Barrett.  Slams Gabriel into the turnbuckles.  Gabriel gets dumped onto Barrett!  Apparently WWE fans will get to vote next season.  Otunga goes for the pin, but Gabriel kicks out.  Powerslam by Otunga!  Barrett fights Otunga down, and gets nailed by Gabriel!  450 on Otunga!  Barrett rips Gabriel out of the ring!  He covers Otunga!  Otunga is gone!!  Barrett takes a breather in the ring as Hardy offers Gabriel encouragement!  Commercials.

- Barrett with a submission, but Gabriel fights back!  Abdominal stretch on Gabriel!  Barrett has been all over the midsection of Gabriel instead of the back, trying to eliminate the 450!  Seriously...Barrett needs to win this whole thing.  Big elbowdrop.  Misses an avalanche, and Gabriel unloads with kicks!  Huge kick and forearm!  Floatover Stinger Splash!  Springboard crossbody gets two!!  Cheap shot to the gut, nice continuity!  Gabriel fights out of the fireman's carry into a sunset flip!  Kickout!  STO!  Kinda sloppy...but he's going up!!  450 gets knees!!!  Cradle!  THAT'S IT!!

Winner: WADE BARRETT via pinfall over Otunga (after Gabriel 450 Splash) and pinfall over Gabriel (inside cradle)

- Good triple threat.  Barrett and Gabriel looked great.

- The first Pro's Poll.

- One guy loses now, and the last guy goes out later, I guess.

- MVP will be a Pro in Season 2.  So he gets this season's Darren Young?  Percy Watson...this guy seems incredibly energetic.  Looks annoying, but not necessarily in a bad way.

- Zack Ryder is a Pro in Season 2...and is only talking about himself.  Titus O'Neil is his rookie.  Ripped dude.  Guy is bland as Hell talking.

- Someone loses right now.

- Striker's going to the eliminated rookies!

- Tarver is talking about himself...and says he should win it...even though he's out.

- Daniel Bryan says Otunga can't wrestle and Gabriel can't Barrett should win.

- Sheffield refuses to talk.

- Darren Young says Barrett is the only one built for it mentally and physically...and sounds like he's cheerleading for him.

- Slater says Barrett should win's "obvious".

- Crap.

#1. Wade Barrett
#2. David Otunga
#3. Justin Gabriel

- Ugh.

- Gabriel says he's tenacious, and he'll keep coming back until he makes it.  This is probably the best promo he's cut.

- Matt Hardy intercepts Gabriel with a handshake and hug.

- Justin Gabriel WILL NOT DIE.

- Team LayCool?!  SERIOUSLY?  Kaval!  HA!  This is this season's Daniel Bryan-Miz.

- is Otunga taking #1 from here?

- Mark Henry is a Pro.  His rookie? Lucky Cannon.  He's got a good look.  Reminds me a bit of Morrison.

- Promo contest between Barrett and Otunga.

- Otunga is knocking on Barrett's teeth and nose with weak jokes about intimidating dentists.  Barrett flexes his pecs after Otunga knocks on his body.

- Barrett says he's a fighter, not a bodybuilder.  Says Otunga has no clue how to use his body, and Khali has more balance and poise than Otunga.  HA!  He makes a veiled "IT Factor" joke.

- Ugh.

- Wasn't Barrett's best mic work, but it was better than Otunga.

- Kofi Kingston is a Pro!  He gets Michael McGillicutty, who is the son of Curt Hennig.

- Can we get the Otunga abortion over with?


- Wait...The Miz interrupts.  Miz is returning as a Pro!  I think even Punk did a thumbs down!  He's ripping on Bryan.  His rookie is Alex Riley...who is like mini Miz.  Wow.


- Regal SLAMS Jennifer Hudson!  Punk and Regal are with Barrett.  Regal is congratulating him already.

- Regal and R-Truth having an awesome stand-off.  Christian points out Regal hasn't won in a year.

- Jericho undercuts Regal!

- Crap.

- They're going to turn on Jericho.  Otunga's winning with a bullshit swerve on Jericho.


- Otunga looks like he's about to cry.

- Otunga's a two time

- Jennifer Hudson's not a bigger star than Carrie Underwood.  Just saying.

- Barrett calls it the beginning of a brand new era!  Change is HERE.

- Darren Young and Daniel Bryan clap for him...I'm guessing that's a shoot.

- I doubt I recap Season 2.  The cast looks good...Team LayCool does not.

- NXT video package to end the show.

- Great ending to a good first season.  Thank God Barrett won in the end.