Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE NXT 4/6/10

Last week was a big week for NXT.  They hit the Pro's Poll, but then the NXT rookies gangpiled Kane on Smackdown and David Otunga mingled with the Raw A-List on Monday!

What is in store tonight?

Let's find out!

- "Wild & Young" intro.

- Think these cats are finally getting over?

- In five weeks, someone is eliminated.

- Matt Strikes brings them onstage in the order they ranked in the Pro's Poll.  Otunga is the only one getting a reaction so far, thanks to screwing Cena.  I take that back...Gabriel's pop was louder.  The biggest reaction of the group.

- Bryan gets some boos for coming in first place.

- Striker is picking on Darren Young for being in last place.  This is a segue to talking about Otunga guest hosting Raw and screwing Cena.  Striker asks him why he walked away from Cena.  Apparently Otunga is too big to tag team...and buying Miz' vote.

- Bryan picks on The Miz and David Otunga in order to get some face heat.  He asks if Cole deserves to replace Ross, which is awesome.  Bryan says he doesn't deserve #1, but he'll do what he can.

- Striker is stirring stuff up between Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan.  I still like Tarver better than I do Otunga.  Apparently Tarver is about to snap off.

- "Weekly Challenges"?  Dear god.  Striker is turning it into a reality show.  I think they just lost me.

- They did a ridiculous keg carrying challenge, which Heath Slater surprisingly won.  What did he get?  A main event match with Kane!

- Skip Sheffield says the keg carry was rigged, and was very ticked off..saying the people and "The Universe" weren't "ready" for Sheffield.  Very nice promo.

- Striker says Daniel Bryan is facing Darren Young "right now"...and they cut to commercials.  Man what?


- Young knocks Bryan down, but Bryan sends him through the ropes and hits a baseball slide, and then a flying knee.  Goes up top and hits his missile dropkick, and gets the Cattle Mutilation!  Young twists out of it and Bryan turns it into a crucifix like move!  Backslide!  Again!  Young takes over...pinfall reversals and a slap fight!  Young with a roll up out of nowhere for the win!

Winner: DARREN YOUNG via pinfall (roll-up)


- Tarver is doing ticked off well.  Tie up.  Armdrag by Gabriel.  Tarver is hammering Gabriel in the corner.  Huge stomp.  Scoop slam and cover.  Abdominal stretch.  Gabriel is fighting back, Tarver knocks him down.  Gabriel with kicks!  Huge spin kick!  Lays Tarver out!  This is the most offense I have seen from Gabriel.  Huge springboard cross body.  Tarver knocks him off the ropes!  Going up...Gabriel brings him down!  450 Splash!

Winner: JUSTIN GABRIEL via pinfall (450 Splash)


- Dear god...let Barrett win.  Barrett mugs him in the beginning.  Barrett dominates, hammering Otunga's back.  If Barrett doesn't get promoted, its a travesty.  This is a squash at the moment.  I assume Barrett's eating a shitty spinebuster out of nowhere for the loss.  Otunga comes back with some weak offense.  Barrett fires back...small package by Otunga gets two.  Neckbreaker.  Barrett yanks him off the ropes!  He gets his huge slam!  Barrett wins!

Winner: WADE BARRETT via pinfall (Modified Samoan Slam)

- These two were worlds apart in offense.  Barrett is just SO much more crisp in the ring.

- Heath Slater gets KANE next.


- Squash?  Recap of the Smackdown mugging.  Slater is using his speed.  Drop toe hold into the corner.  Missile dropkick!  Cross body takes Kane down!  He unloads on Kane...HUGE boot!  Out of the ring!  Kane drops Slater!  Crushes him against the ring apron.  Slater is out on his feet.  Slater!  Babyfaces don't die!  Sunset flip takes Kane down!  HUGE side slam by Kane!  Slater kicks out!  Choke on the ropes.  Kane with a boot to the head.  Snap mare and Kane dropkicks Slater's head off.  Slater is fighting like crazy...but Kane kills him with a clothesline.  Good for Slater.  Kane's going up...flying clothesline!  Kane is stalking him...and drops him!  Jeez...why won't he put him away??  Slater charges into Slater's hand!  CHOKE SLAM!!!  That's it!

Winner: KANE via pinfall.

- Slater impressed me towards the end.  The big winners tonight, to my mind, are Barrett, Sheffield and Slater, with Tarver a distance fourth.

- Next week, I will re-rank the rookies after NXT.