Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tommy's Take on WWE NXT 4/20/10




- Tonight, reports are that Heath Slater is jobbing to Chris Jericho.  This might be the first Slater match with a real crowd reaction.

- What crazy challenges can we expect?

- I guess the Raw pros won't be present?

- With R-Truth dead, does David Otunga get a new Pro?

- DirecTV is promising more challenges.  YAY!

- Standard WWE intro.

- "Wild & Young".

- Will there be a reunion show at the end?

- Interesting contraption set up in the entryway.

- Slater gets a mixed reaction.

- Otunga gets booed.

- Nice pop for Gabriel.

- Mixed for Young.

- Boos for Barrett.

- Decent pop for Bryan.

- Mild reaction for Sheffield.

- Some pretty good heat for Tarver.

- If someone gets canned based off of this, Sheffield's going home first.

- Striker points out that Barrett won the promo contest.

- "Rock'em Sock'em Rookies" is an American Gladiators Joust-type event, with pugil sticks and platforms.  This one I could see being totally fixed.

- Heath Slater and David Otunga to start.  Crowd hates both guys.

- Slater drops Otunga!

-  Winner gets a special feature.

- Sheffield vs Barrett.  Gotta see Barrett taking this one, but Sheffield is light on his feet.

- Barrett shoulderblocked Sheffield off the platform!  Ref has to get between them!

- Tarver (without heat) vs Daniel Bryan.

- Tarver tosses the stick and throws the competition!  Bryan gets his first win!  Tarver shoves Bryan and then bails out.

- Darren Young vs Justin Gabriel.  Gabriel tried to lean in and push Young but failed, and Young wins!

- Shouldn't Slater be preparing for his match with Jericho?

- WWE Draft next week!

- Do we get to hear Barrett's new music tonight?

- Wrestlemania video package.

- Oh,'s a Cena/Batista video package.

- So, rumor is that Batista may leave WWE because of heat with Triple H...which is hilarious, since Triple H MADE him.

- Extreme Rules this weekend...I will not be watching it.

- Matthews says the Pros all seem to like Wade Barrett.  Duh.

- A new video package for Barrett.  Miz is a fan.  Hardy calls him the "most complete package".  Regal puts him over huge.  This is a great package putting Barrett over.

- Wait...R-Truth isn't dead?


- Apparently Otunga and R-Truth have heat again this week.  This match will probably be a good indicator as to whether or not WWE is losing confidence in Otunga.  Takedown by Otunga.  Gabriel takes him over.  Otunga cuts him off and goes to the headlock.  I don't know if I would have called Gabriel "charismatic".  Armdrag and dropkick.  Sloppy drop toe hold and they seem to get lost.  Announcers are covering for Otunga, so I guess WWE is still high on him.  Otunga with a crappy half nelson.  Crowd is getting behind Gabriel.  This match is very awkward.  Otunga applies a chinlock with a knee to the back.  Otunga misses an elbowdrop.  Head scissors by Gabriel!  Suicide dive and Otunga nearly misses him!  Ouch!  Springboard cross body ALMOST gets Otunga.  Russian leg sweep!  He goes for the 450, but Otunga rolls away!  Otunga sends him through the ropes!  Gabriel fights back in...sunset flip!  Otunga screams for R-Truth to grab his hands, but he refuses!  Gabriel gets it!!

Winner: JUSTIN GABRIEL via pinfall (sunset flip)

- Wow.  Otunga is kinda scary in the ring.

- Like, Rob Terry scary.

- Heath Slater and Skip Sheffield in the semi-finals of the Rookies Rock'em Sock'em challenge.  I'm calling a Wade Barrett run-in.

- Sheffield drops Slater!  Slater tried to hold on, but failed.  Slater was fending off Sheffield's pugil stick with one hand.

- Bryan vs Young.

- Bryan is the fresh man after Tarver walked.  I'm calling a Tarver run-in.

- Bryan's a vegan.  Yuck.

- Young nearly knocks Bryan out of the bouncy field!

- More Matthews-Cole bickering.

- Carlito and Michael Tarver are here...for some reason.  Is this a match?

- I guess not.  Carlito gets the mic for Tarver.  Nice heat.

- "If silence is golden, then my words are invaluable."  Alright.

- Nice...he's trashing the challenges, and getting some big heat.

- He's challenging any NXT Rookie or Pro.

- Regal?!?!

- Sheffield!

- Sheffield's hitting the ring!

- CM Punk, Darren Young and the Straight Edge Society!

- Punk says Young is looking for competition as well!  Gallows is still ticked at Young.  Punk shows a video of Young pinning Gallows.

- Punk says he believes in the Law of the Jungle, and he's not pitting Gallows and Young against each other for his own kicks, but to keep them sharp.  He's sending Young in to make it a Triple Threat!


- All three size each other up.  Young goes after Tarver, but Sheffield attacks!  They send Young into the ropes and he holds on, but sends Sheffield out when he charges!  Tarver charges, but kicks Young!  Young clotheslines Tarver out as well!

- Commercials.

- Young is being beaten on as we return.  Two-on-one style.  Tarver and Sheffield might make a decent tag team if WWE still did tag teams.  Taking turns killing Young in the corner.  Tarver irish whips Sheffield into a clothesline on Young.  Tarver suplexes Young.  Sheffield with a ncie belly to belly, but Tarver pulls him off!  Goes for a cover, and Sheffield pulls him off!  School boy by Young!  Save by Sheffield!  Sheffield fires Young into the ringpost!  Now he's killing Tarver!  Huge splash, but Young with a save!  Young with the Roaring Elbow!  Flying shoulder!  Back body drop, and Tarver barely gets over!  Young goes up...Gallows throws him off the top rope!  Flying clothesline on Sheffield!  Tarver looks stunned! By the time Tarver moves in to capitalize, Young hits his weird looking finisher!


- Young is totally getting a contract.

- Heath Slater video package.  Hardy says Slater needs to refine himself.  MIZ calls him annoying.  Jericho can't stand him.  Jericho basically says he needs to turn heel.  I agree.  That's the only hope he's got.

- Sheffield vs Young in the only competition that REALLY matters...Rock 'em Sock 'em Rookies!

- EPIC war...and a photo finish.  Looks like Sheffield won it.  The announcers disagree.  Interesting.

- Do-over because of the photo finish.

- Sheffield dominates Young.

- Well...alright, then.


- Christian is still stranded in Europe.  Crowd pops for the Christian music, and dies when Slater comes out.  Staredown.  Jericho slaps him and Slater fires back, but Jericho drops him with cheapshots.  Back suplex.  Slap to the head, but Slater fight back...and runs into Jericho's elbow.  Guillotine on the bottom rope!  Crowd is cheering Jericho.  Snap mare and he shows Otunga how to apply a half-nelson.  I wonder if that's intentional?  Picture perfect dropkick by Jericho!  Misses a lionsault!  Slater with a series of clotheslines!  Jumping forearm!  Cut-off by Jericho, but Slater with a jumping neckbreaker!  Jericho gets the referee between them and pokes the eyes!  Walls of Jericho!  ROLL-UP!  SLATER GETS THREE!!

Winner: HEATH SLATER via pinfall (small package)

- ...

- WOW Jericho's a company man.  Holy CRAP.  He's throwing a fit in the referee's face!  Tearing up the ringside area!  Throwing chairs!  Show ends with him screaming that the referee is "Stupid!".

- Wow...I can't believe they did that.  Looks like Slater's a lock for a contract.