Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE NXT 4/13/10

Alright!  Time for NXT!

I think this week is going to start carrying my NXT recaps, so cool.  I have recapped every episode to date, so if you wanna play catch-up, head to the blog link in the byline and click on the NXT tag at the bottom of the post and they should all pull up.

I believe tonight we're getting Pros vs Rookies, and probably another silly challenge.  This week, I will re-rank the Rookies as we are officially at the halfway point.

David Otunga jobbed to John Cena on Raw, while Darren Young stood up to CM Punk on Smackdown, and got beaten down by Luke Gallows.  The latter makes me think they are actually going to try to do something with Young. goes!

- Smackdown moves to SyFy in October, meaning NXT COULD be cancelled after two seasons...which disappoints me.

- WWE intro.

- Recap of the keg carrying competition won by Heath Slater, segueing into Kane vs Slater from the main event.

- "Wild & Young" introduction.

- Striker is in the ring with a podium and brings out the rookies.  Otunga gets a mild booing reaction.  Slater gets a mild pop.  Gabriel gets a bigger one.  Barrett gets decent heat.  Bryan gets a pop almost rivaling Gabriel.

- Striker goes to Tarver, pointing out his utter failures from last week.  Tarver says he's not under pressure and botches his sentences.

- Heading to Otunga, who gets some heat.  Striker picks on Otunga for getting beat by Cena, but he saves it by saying he got spotlight.

- Gabriel gets lost answering Striker about facing Cena himself, and asks for a match against Cena on NXT.  Does he WANT to job?

- We are getting a mental challenge tonight.  The winner gets their own entrance music.  Hm.

- 30 seconds to speak on a topic.  This could be painful.

- Crowd sounds less than thrilled about this.

- Bryan is up first: "Passion".

- The "Daniel Bryan Manliness Meter".  Striker interrupts him.  Bryan goes for a cheap pop, and it dies.  He kinda got screwed.

- "Blaise" for Wade Barrett, who unloads with a tremendous promo.  This guy is totally the best one they've got.

- Justin Gabriel: "Flowers".  Crowd boos "South Africa".  He's DYING.  Biggest heel heat of the night.

- Heath Slater: "Cereal".  Slater namedrops Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles...and he proceeds to whine when the crowd boos.  That is why Slater will fail.

- David Otunga: "Sleep".  Apparently Otunga doesn't sleep much.  He stays ahead of the NXT guys by not sleeping...but he's #5.

- Barrett's totally the winner so far.

- Skip Sheffield: "Rainbows".  Crowd is eating up Sheffield's schtick, though he ignores the topic.

- Michael Tarver: "Itchy".  This stuff is ridiculous.  Tarver wasting time.  Crowd craps on him, and he walks away.

- Darren Young: "Toothpaste".  Young starts ripping on British smiles!  Young is ripping into the crowd!

- Tarver takes the stick and rips on the crowd.

- "Make some noise if you like them", "Nothing if you don't".  Sheffield got a big pop.  Slater got nothing.  Gabriel didn't get much more.  Barrett gets pop of the night.

- Barrett and Sheffield!  Sheffield gets "Bubble Gum" for the "Talk Off".  Sheffield falls apart as he actually talks about gum.  Wait, now he's onto the keg contest and whining about it.  He channels Austin at the end.  Barrett gets "wind".  MAN...Barrett runs away with the topic again.

- Barrett for the win.

- Big guy that can talk and doesn't suck in the ring.  You win.

- Barrett vs Christian!

- Raw Rebound focusing on Orton-Batista with Swagger and Cena getting involved.

- We also get the Smackdown recap of Young standing up to CM Punk.

- Backstage, Young is backpedaling to the Straight Edge Society.

- Gallows talks smack, calling Young a punk which causes CM Punk to give him an awesome look.  Punk decides Young vs Gallows, if Young wins, all is forgiven.  If Gallows wins, they're shaving Young's head.

- Over half an hour in and no wrestling.

- Draft in two weeks.  TNA will have a 0.4.


- Barrett gets the jobber entrance.  However, we do see Barrett pinning Christian on NXT two weeks ago.  Oh, Jericho is at ringside.  Here comes Christian with Slater at ringside.  Christian slips around Barrett, but he keeps pace and powers Christian down before running into a dropkick.  Headlock by Christian.  Barrett with a slingshot backbreaker!  He's mugging Christian.  Barrett clubs Christian on the ropes, but charges and gets sent to the floor!  Christian with a suicide dive!  Commercial break!

- Back from the break with a tilt a whirl backbreaker by Barrett!  He is softening the back of Christian!  Christian slaps Barrett and hits a forearm!  Reverse DDT!  Carlito and Tarver are watching on as Barrett gets choked out.  High cross body by Christian gets two.  Barrett ducks a dropkick and hits a big boot!  Barrett attacks the back!  Christian dodges him and hits the leverage kick!  He calls for the Killswitch!  Jericho tries to get involved...Barrett has him up!  Slater grabs the legs!  Christian slides down with the Killswitch!  That's it!

Winner: Christian via pinfall.  (Killswitch)

- Very good showing by Barrett.

- Video of David Otunga on Access Hollywood.

- Miz is backstage with Daniel Bryan.  Miz is tearing Bryan apart for his promos, and lack of starpower.  Miz - hah - tells him he needs to be less arrogant.  Miz tells him to go win tonight.

DANIEL BRYAN (w/The Miz) vs WILLIAM REGAL (w/Skip Sheffield)

- Mmmmm...KFC DoubleDown.  If they had any time at all, this could be great.  So, neither guy wins matches...will this one be a no contest?  Tie-up.  Crowd is behind Regal.  Bryan with some intensity!  Dragon Suplex.  Unloads with some kicks on Regal...but he eats a forearm.  Big uppercut.  Bryan with a guillotine choke!  Regal turns it into a suplex and...that's it?  Really?

Winner: WILLIAM REGAL via pinfall.  (Exploder Suplex)

- Miz attacks Regal!  He is pulling Bryan up...Skull Crushing Finale!

- Bryan is bleeding from the mouth.

- Darren Young vs Luke Gallows...NEXT.


- Jobber entrance for Young.  Is Gallows not coming out to Punk's music?  Gallows is all over Young at the bell.  Beating Young down, bald guy headbutt.  Huge clothesline.  Young fires up...and gets dropped with a Kane punch.  Gallows is hammering Young and takes his headband.  Gallows with huge kicks.  Young dodges a corner charge...but Gallows dodges a Stinger Splash!  Big kicks and a fallaway slam!  Short arm clothesline!  Young kicks out.  Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel watching on.  Young with a roll-up out of nowhere!  That's it!

Winner: DARREN YOUNG via pinfall (surprise roll-up)

- Punk confronts Young...and raises his hand!  Gallows looks dismayed!  Punk leads Serena out of the ring, and ignores Gallows and Young!

- Interesting.

- I will be back later this week with new rankings for the NXT 8.