Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE NXT 3/30/10

NXT!  Last week, we got two tag matches and a TON of WrestleMania videos.  This week...the first vote happens!

- A NXT Video Package showing highlights from the last several shows, highlighting the criteria: Win-Loss Record, Strength of Opponents, Work Ethic and The "It" Factor.

- "Wild & Young" video package.

- Matt Striker is in the ring!  Crowd with a very mild reaction when asked if the rookies have impressed them.  Ouch.

- Heath Slater (3-1), Darren Young (3-1), Michael Tarver (1-2), Justin Gabriel (3-1) and the biggest pop thus far, Skip Sheffield (0-3), David Otunga (3-1), Daniel Bryan (0-5) and Wade Barrett (2-2).

- Striker unveils The Pros Poll...apparently we don't get to find out how the pros voted, we just get an average.  Blah.

#8. Darren Young - Not completely surprising.  Honestly, I figured Tarver would wind up here, but Young has not been the most impressive.
#7. Michael Tarver - No surprise.
6. Skip Sheffield - Again, no shock.
5. David Otunga - Nice!
4. Heath Slater - And dropping.
3. Justin Gabriel - Not a shock at all.
2. Wade Barrett - Obviously, I had him tagged in my top two (number one for me).
1. Daniel Bryan - WOW.  Almost makes me think the poll is legit now.

- Striker asks Young about being #8, and he blames it partially on Punk, then kills his intensity with his goofy smile.

- Striker moves down to Daniel Bryan.  Bryan calls out Cole for bashing on him.  He picks on David Otunga, and says he can't wrestle!  Nice.  Barrett's about to kill him from behind, it looks like.  Otunga is claiming he's got the "It Factor"...which is impressive, because he bores me to death.  Bryan is picking apart Otunga's outfit!

- In six weeks, the Pros vote again, and last place is eliminated.  That continues until we reach the Final Four.  The winner gets a PPV title shot!  A battle royal tonight.  Can't say I'm shocked.  I was having that same shot.  The winning rookie hosts Raw next week?

- So...the 8 Pros in an 8 Man, and a battle royal?

- Cole is doing a nice job being ticked about Bryan's place on the poll.   The Pros 8 Man is being divided among brand lines.

- There is a fans poll on until next week.


- Jericho's not dressed to wrestle...and Wade Barrett is with him.  Barrett appears to be wrestling, and Punk seems okay with it.  Jericho is moving to commentary.  Jericho is claiming the Spear through the barricade as being his reason for not competing.  Carlito vs R-Truth to start.  Truth knocks the apple out of his mouth!  High hip toss.  Armdrag and armbar.  Tag to Punk.  Punk is slow coming in.  Wristlock on Carlito, who is firing back.  Jericho backs up Young's claims of Punk being responsible for his failings.  Regal tags in.  He's begging Punk to switch rookies!  Nice!  Barrett is tagged in, and Regal shakes his hand...and tags Christian!  Christian unloads on Barrett!  Wade cuts him off.  Huge shoulder.  Christian jacks his jaw!  Barrett tags Hardy.  I think Miz blind tagged Christian.  Cheap shot by Miz.  Hardy beats him in the corner!  Clothesline!  One in the corner!  Ten count punches to a huge "Hardy" chant!  Both guys spill outside!  R-Truth keeps anyone from attacking Hardy.  Commercials.

- Carlito drops Hardy.  Chinlock by Carlito and he drags Hardy to the corner.  Miz in and unloading.  Hardy fights back, sloppy sleeper by Miz.  Tag to R-Truth!  Huge clotheslines!  Glapjack!  He nails Regal, ducks Miz and nails him!  He's all over the Raw guys, but Miz with a double neckbreaker!  Regal is in and beating Truth down.  Carlito is controlling Truth, but Christian tags in.  He keeps Truth down, and Regal tags in.  Barrett is "dominating from ringside" according to Jericho.  Miz in and killing Truth.  This whole match has been an extended Raw beatdown of Hardy and R-Truth.  Nice.  Jericho ribs on Tough Enough, Matthews points out he came in second, and Jericho asks where he is now.  Matthews: "Sitting right next to you, Jericho."  Miz clothesline!!  He's going up top...dropkicked out of the air!  Matthews and Jericho are awesome.  Truth is trying to tag!  Tag to Punk!  Christian unloads!  Flying European!  Killswitch?  No!  GTS!  No!   Killswitch!  No!  High knee by Punk!  Christian with the flipkick in the corner!  This whole thing is breaking down into utter chaos!  Barrett tagged himself in, but Christian saw him coming!!  He drops Barrett and calls for the Killswitch!  Jericho has Christian's leg!  Barrett with a modified fireman's carry and the crowd chants along for the three!!

Winners: WADE BARRETT, MATT HARDY, R-TRUTH & CM PUNK (w/Chris Jericho, Luke Gallows & Serena)

- That's about as good as eight man matches get.

- Barrett still has to compete in a battle royal!

- Highlights of Shawn Michael's retirement speech and career.  If Shawn stays retired, I will respect him more than just about any guy in wrestling for going out on his own terms.

- Pro's Poll again.  Cole says Bryan shouldn't be #1, Matthews says the great thing is no one care's what Cole thinks.

- NXT Battle Royal is up next.  Any chance Jericho is going to enter the battle royal and win so he can host Raw?

NXT Battle Royal

- comes Barrett.  The rookies gangpile him!  He's out first!  Young is all over Bryan and we go to a break.  Anyone dumped during the commercials is so screwed.

- Young was sent out during the break, as was Sheffield.  We wish you the best in your future endeavors.  Gabriel is trying to eliminate Otunga.  Tarver is gone, and Slater eliminates himself and Bryan!  Gabriel and Otunga are left, which means Otunga is hosting Raw.  Ugh.  Otunga is hammering Gabriel, and the crowd is getting behind Gabriel!  Misses a spin kick and hits a huge enzuigiri!  Going up top...450!  He's pausing...trying to list Otunga who goes dead weight.  Eye rake!  Gabriel is out, Otunga wins.  Ugh.

Winner: David Otunga

- Waste of a battle royal, and Otunga rubs me the wrong way even more.  R-Truth in to celebrate, and Otunga is cool with it, so apparently their heat is gone.  He is getting some heel heat, at least.