Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE NXT 3/2/10

Week two of WWE NXT!  Last week saw us meet all but two of the "rookies", with a heavy focus on Daniel Bryan.  People also seemed to think David Otunga is a star, despite botching his finisher in a one minute match.   Previews have implied that Justin Gabriel and Skip Sheffield would be getting the focus this week, which means WILLIAM~! REGAL~!

- Standard WWE intro.

- NXT Week 1 recap.

- NXT intro now.  "Wild and Young" is the theme song for this.

- Surely they won't hold to something silly like "only one guy gets a contract" or anything.

- R-Truth and David Otunga are here.  Otunga just tore his pants off.  They are now advertising the NXT Twitter accounts as well.

- Matt Striker is backstage, apparently explaining the rules.  Ah..."success" is based off of the 8 pros, who cannot vote for or against their own rookies.

- Apparently Otunga is taking on Darren Young in a rematch from this week.  If this is another one minute squash, that basically says Young is dead.

DAVID OTUNGA (w/R-Truth) vs DARREN YOUNG (w/Straight Edge Society)

- Its like black Cena vs black Batista!  Plodding power offense from Young.  Hiptoss and armdrag from Otunga.  Bodyslam and cover.  Basic but crisp.  Huge clothesline in the corner.  Young with with a weak kick out of the corner and a neckbreaker.  Snapmare and kneedrop by Young.  I think the crowd just turned on Young.  Interesting.  Otunga fights up and back suplex!  Cole is heeling out on Otunga, which means he's supposed to be the face...which is weird, since Otunga is a natural heel.  Punk still looks annoyed to be here.  Young dropkicks Otunga to the floor.  Commercial break.

- Really?  I liked the one minute match better already.

- Young neck vise when we return.  Faith is bored.  Kneedrop.  Again.  Big suplex by Young.  Back to the neck vise.  R-Truth doing a great job rallying the crowd.  This match is just boring.  Young is getting more offense, though.  Neck vise AGAIN?  You're kidding me.  Young takes Otunga to the corner...Otunga ducks a charge and school boy!  Young with a clothesline.  I think the crowd just groaned when Young went back to a resthold.  Seriously...these guys have done the same sequences three times now.  Crowd is at least popping for Otunga's offense.  Big shoulder knocks Young to the floor.  TAKE IT HOME!  Gallows is getting in Otunga's face and R-Truth gets in his!  Punk tries to trip Otunga!  Young with some kind of weird, release Dragon Suplex!

Winner: DARREN YOUNG via pinfall (Release Front Dragon Suplex I Guess)

- This is why I hate indy guys.  Crappy finishers.  Seriously...that thing looked awful.  Thumbs down for Young, thumbs in the middle for Otunga, because he's at least over, even if I think he makes an awful face.

- Straight Edge Society leaves Young in the ring celebrating.

- Otunga shoves R-Truth after R-Truth tries to help him up.

- Matthews and Cole focus on Daniel Bryan, giving him a video package, acknowledging his indy/international experience.  They also give a nod to his training with HBK.  Bryan comes across confident, but not cocky.  Bryan says he WILL main event WrestleMania.

- Cole knocking on Matthews and the "Twitter-geeks".  Matthews disagrees and Cole doesn't even have the sense to argue.

- Highlights of Bryan-Jericho, with highlights on the brutal announce table slam and Miz beating Bryan down.

- Bryan is backstage with a trainer and here comes The Miz.  Miz has arranged a match between Bryan and Wade Barrett, even though Bryan is hurt!  Miz slaps the injured ribs for emphasis.

- Twenty minutes in and no sign of the two guys who got no real camera time last week.

- During the break, Striker is interviewing David Otunga, when he and R-Truth get into a shoving match and a brawl.  Poor R-Truth, I bet he has to put Otunga over.

- World Champion Chris Jericho is here, and Wade Barrett trails behind.

- Jericho is properly introducing Wade Barrett.

- Video package of Barrett, 6'7", 370 lbs?  Wow.  Honestly didn't look that big.  Apparently he's all about money.  He's got an UGLY tattoo on his arm.  He looks bigger (and better) in the coat.  Looks a little more generic out of it.  Here comes Daniel Bryan...no Miz?


- Jericho claims he wasn't impressed by Bryan...Michael Cole contradicts Wade Barrett from the video.  Wade Barrett is attacking the ribs.  Huge backbreaker gets two.  Miz and Carlito are walking on.  Barrett misses a charge and gets sent to the floor.  Bryan goes up and Barrett moves...holy crap!  He came out of nowhere with a flying knee!  Botches a springboard!  Huge Fireman's Carry slam!

Winner: WADE BARRETT via pinfall (Fireman's Carry Slam)

- They should have gotten the time Otunga and Young did.

- Jericho is attacking Bryan...Walls of Jericho!  The evil dick version!  Apparently this is about "respect".

- We finally get mention of Justin Gabriel and Skip Sheffield.

- I'm kinda sick of the Undertaker-HBK build-ups/video packages already.

- Raw Rebound.

- Clips from Christian/Slater vs Carlito/Tarver last week.

- Slater is backstate with Christian, and apparently talking too much.  Christian is talking him down a bit.  Christian is basically saying that Slater got no pop, but that Christian did (which is true).

- Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy are backstage with Matt Striker.  Gabriel's outfit looks ridiculous.  These two are boring together.  Hope that changes in the ring.

- William Regal and Skip Sheffield, which is hilarious, see, because Sheffield's a big cowboy.  Yet another duo that doesn't get along.

- Cena vs Vince will go toe to toe with Hogan/Abyss vs Flair/Styles next week.

- Sheffield video package.  The "cornfed meathead".  He's got a good personality and the WWE size.  "Yep Yep Yep, What It Do" is his catchphrase, it seems.


- Skip and Justin to start.  Skip overpowers Justin.  Tie up again.  Skip pummels him in the corner and irish whip.  Huge clothesline and snapmare.  Into ropes, Justin ducks under and hits a dropkick and a drop toe hold.  Armbar and tag too Hardy.  Double elbow on the big cowboy!  Armbreakers by Hardy!  Tag to Justin...Hardy drops to all fours so Gabriel can hit a stinger splash as we go to commercials!

- Regal is beating him some rookie as we return.  Butterfly suplex!  Submission hold.  Gabriel fights up, he's either watching the monitor or he's trying to remember where he's at.  Regal gets a ton of heat as he just BEATS Gabriel in the corner.  Release suplex.  Matt tags in and Regal just beats HIM down!  Jeez...who ticked him off?  I think Skip's arguing with him.  Hardy and Gabriel were down a long time.  Tag to Skip, who unloads on Matt.  Scoop slam.  Strut splash!  Skip just asked Regal how he's doing.  Crowd behind Hardy.  Tag to Regal.  Regal unloads.  Hugge knees!  Hardy catches an uppercut and goes for a backslide, but Regal forearms him in the back of the head!  Tag to Skip who aggressively goes after Hardy.  Sheffield's already impressed me more than Otunga or Young.  Hardy goes over the top and drops Sheffield with the move that used to be a sleeper drop!  Regal tags in, lays into Hardy and berates Skip!  Twist of Fate out of nowhere!  Tag to Gabriel!  450 Splash!!

Winners: MATT HARDY & JUSTIN GABRIEL via pinfall (450 Splash on Regal)

- Note that neither announcer called the Twist of Fate until the replay.

- Regal berates Sheffield on the floor.

-  Strike is backstage with the other six rookies.  Bryan is still selling his ribs.  Carlito is here, and he takes a bite out of his apple...and spits it at Slater!  Carlito says "That's Cool."  Slater looks flustered as he leaves.

- Good show.  I think Sheffield has more personality than your average WWE big man, and Bryan is definitely getting over thanks to the booking.  Justin Gabriel has one facial expression, which is bad.  Otunga is over, and if they book him as a heel, I think he could work.  Young was bad.  Tarver got basically no face time this week.  I aim to still be here next week, for week 3 of NXT.