Thursday, March 3, 2011

[My WWE Universe Year 2] Backlash






Raw opened with the debut of new Raw arrival...THE BIG SHOW! Poor Ted DiBiase. DiBiase hit the ring hard and did a lot of damage, but either seemed like he was out to hurt somebody, or wasn't confident enough to go for the pin...and got KOed. Show, to his credit, offered DiBiase a handshake, but was refused.

Triple H was seated at ringside as Sheamus and Big Zeke squared off for a #1 Contender's spot!

It was a hard hitting brawl...and Ezekiel Jackson scored the clean pin!

The Miz found himself in unfriendly a submission match against Chris Jericho! Miz tried to hang in...but tapped out.

In a Falls Count Anywhere main event, Randy Orton welcomed the newest Raw arrival...Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio charged out of his car and attacked Orton...but Orton countered! Del Rio ran away
to the floor...where he caught Orton with an enzuigiri and a crippling release German Suplex on
the floor for the surprising pin!


As Husky Harris waited for his opponents in the ring, Romero Contreras attacked Steve Austin on the floor! This Triple Threat was almost all Romero, and he pinned Austin after a brutal Skull Crushing Finale on a sledgehammer!

Wade Barrett brought up the price of real estate with a visit to Superstars, where he beat Zack Ryder in a competitive match.

The Greatest American Bolo picked up a big win over Heath Slater with the American Revolution!


Jake Roberts dropped Shad with the DDT!

Ziggler stormed the ring and attacked Kofi Kingston! As Kofi rallied back, Dolph caught him with a small package out of nowhere!

New refugees from Raw, The Miz and Daniel Bryan, squared off! Daniel Bryan charged the ring and made the fans forget all about his Nexus past as he beat the crap out of the Miz! Miz was on the defensive until CM Punk of all people hit the ring and took Bryan out, allowing Miz to pick up the win!

In a #1 Contender's Match, CM Punk defeated Undertaker and Drew McIntyre after Jack Swagger stormed the ring and caught Undertaker with the Gutwrench Powerbomb! Punk, who was fighting McIntyre on the floor, slid back in the ring and covered Undertaker for the win!



New Raw arrival Chavo Guerrero pinned Tyson Kidd in a competitive match!

In a shocker, David Otunga teamed with Raw newcomer Chris Masters to face Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a tables match! It got UGLY...with Husky Harris hitting the ring to clean house on Otunga and Masters, but after he left, Otunga and Gabriel got split wide open and Masters managed to drive Slater through a table with an exploder suplex!

The Big Show and The Greatest American Bolo teamed up for the first time ever, taking on Ted DiBiase and his mystery partner...Joe Cothern! However, Cothern never even got in the ring and Big Show knocked DiBiase out.

The Ultimate Opportunist screwed Wade Barrett out of his rematch by beating him in a ladder match! Edge is the #1 Contender for Santino's WWE Title!


The RVD-Mike Knox feud continued with a hard fought match and an RVD win.

Lex Luger gave it his all, but Shinsuke Nakamura shut him down in a brutal bout.

Romero Contreras ruined what should have been an epic Last Man Standing Match by brutally assaulting rival Steve Austin before the bell. After the match, he brutalized Austin with a steel chair.


John Morrison made his triumphant return to Friday Night Smackdown, pinning Cody Rhodes after a brutal running knee!

In a shocking upset, Smackdown newcomer Yoshi Tatsu and Rey Mysterio upset the Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre and William Regal!

The Christian Coalition (Christian and Kaval) battled the Powerhouse team of David Otunga and Chris Masters in a ladder match. It was a chaotic war that saw Sting get involved as well, but Christian's ladder match experience proved to be too effective.

CM Punk did, perhaps, the unthinkable when he made Sting submit in a Submission Match! Of course, Luke Gallows did jump Sting before the match...and Sting did make Punk tap once when the referee was knocked out...but Punk still got the final win! Punk brutalized Sting after the match, further softening him up for Backlash!



Raw opened with Zack Ryder facing new Raw draftee...Intercontinental Champion Kane! Kofi Kingston, not on the Raw roster, bought a ticket to watch Kane from ringside! Kane seemed unusually vicious, even taking a chair to Ryder at one point before putting him away!

Santino and Kozlov fought off the Straight Edge Society, despite the interference of Alex Riley, who got mugged by Kozlov for interfering!

Alberto Del Rio ambushed David Hart Smith from behind to completely squash him.

New Raw recruit Vance Archer jumped Randy Orton from the crowd and even hit his finisher, but he wanted to hurt Orton to send a message...that cost him and he ate an RKO to debut with a loss.


Husky Harrris looked impressive in a victory over Chris Masters.

Ezekiel Jackson watched on with interest as Sheamus and Mark Henry faced off. The referee was staggered and Sheamus went after Henry with a chair, but the referee saw it anyway and gave the win to Henry.

Mike Knox, RVD, Jimmy Snuka, Shelton Benjamin, Terry Funk and Ricky Steamboat met in a battle royal! Funk and Benjamin ganged up on Snuka, while RVD dumped Steamboat. RVD next eliminated his friend Terry Funk! RVD punted his rival Knox off the apron, and then went at it with Benjamin! Shelton ultimately dumped RVD for the win!


Kaval welcomed new Smackdown arrival Chris Jericho...who gave him a Codebreaker for his troubles!

RVD picked up an impressive win over MVP!

HBK ambushed The Undertaker from the crowd and laid him out with multiple Superkicks and put him through a table to win their tables match in his Smackdown debut!

The Miz jumped Raven before their match and the brawl was on! Miz swooped in for the win, but Daniel Bryan got involved, causing a distraction that allowed Raven to hit the Evenflow for the pin! Mike Knox ambushed Raven from behind with a lead pipe!



Batista came to the ring not even prepared to wrestle...and lost the Million Dollar Title in shocking fashion to Zack Ryder!

New Raw draft pick Dolph Ziggler teamed with Ted DiBiase and Joe Cothern against The Big Show, The Greatest American Bolo and Shinsuke Nakamura! Ziggler looked particularly impressive, pinning The Big Show after the Zig Zag.

Next up was new Raw pick-up...Terry Funk! He was ambushed on his way to the ring by Wade Barrett, who spiked him with the Wasteland in a squash!

Sheamus demolished Edge as he came to the ring, and hit the High Cross on the floor. Edge fought back, but the damage was too severe, and Sheamus prevailed over the #1 Contender!


Superstars opened with an explosive debut: Booker T! Shad stormed the ring to spoil his return...but Booker tore him down and hit the Ax Kick for the win!

Skip Sheffield made his shocking return...and dominated Mark Henry! Sheffield's return has made Nexus stronger than ever!

In the main event, Vladimir Kozlov, Romero Contreras, Alex Riley, Husky Harris, Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero faced off in a battle royal! Romero and Chavo worked Kozlov out, while Masters dumped Harris! Romero sent Chavo over the top moments later. Romero threw Riley out, and then he and Masters struggled with each other. Finally, a wicked Exploder over the top rope sent Masters to the floor!


Kofi Kingston opened the show by pinning William Regal with the SOS to become the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Title!

The Great Muta got some long awaited revenge on Matt Hardy!

Newest Smackdown draftee John Cena came to the ring! Drew McIntyre's music hit...but he jumped Cena from the crowd! Cena rallied back and went for the Attitude Adjustment...but William Regal hit the ring! Cena met him on the floor and they went at it, when Kofi Kingston ran out and ran Regal off! Kofi stood guard as Cena locked on the STF and made Regal tap!

In the main event, World Champion Sting faced off with new Smackdown arrival...Batista! Batista bullied Sting right off, but Sting would not back down! Batista got the upperhand and hit the Batista Bomb...but Sting fired up on him! Batista tried to leave the arena, but Sting caught him on the ramp and they brawled. Batista took out the referee and wiped out Sting with a sledgehammer before hitting him with another Batista Bomb for the pin! After the match, he grabbed a chair and tried to hurt Sting further...when EDGE of all people hit the ring and backed Batista off!


Kofi Kingston came to the ring to challenge Kane...who jumped him from the crowd! Kane hit a Choke Slam and Kofi BARELY kicked out! Kofi struggled to stay in it...and even got caught with another Choke Slam! However, it was a desperation pin out of nowhere that put Kane down and put the Intercontinental title back on Smackdown!

Ezekiel Jackson ambushed Evan Bourne from behind, hitting the Book of Ezekiel on the US Champion! Bourne somehow managed to stay in it and fought back, but Jackson dominated him!

Bourne changed the complexion of things with a springboard huracanrana and took control, hitting a standing moonsault and the Air Bourne to retain the US Title!

The Greatest Bolo and The Big Show challenged Drew McIntyre and William Regal for the Tag Team Titles, and kept Regal on the defensive most of the it was little surprise when Regal blasted Bolo with a chair, drawing a DQ.

Nexus sent Heath Slater to take the Million Dollar Title from Zack Ryder...and though it was a
good match, Slater was sent back to Nexus a bloody mess!

Santino came to the ring to defend the WWE Title for the first time...against Wade Barrett, Edge and Sheamus in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match! There were no favorites played and all four men dished out tons of damage to anyone and everyone...but it was Barrett who struck first, pinning Santino with The Wasteland! Sheamus hit the Irish Curse on Edge...but Barrett completely blindsided him for the pin! Edge split Barrett wide open with the WWE Title belt, and Barrett returned the favor with his bare knuckles! With each man a bloody, bloody mess, Edge hit the Spear, but Barrett somehow kicked out! Barrett smacked Edge with the title belt and grabbed some steel chairs, looking to take Edge out with his old classic...when Edge hit another Spear and pinned Barrett to win the WWE Title!

CM Punk jumped Sting from behind before their match, a tactic that failed with Kane and Ezekiel Jackson before him. He fared no better as Sting got revenge for their submission match, making Punk submit to the Scorpion Deathlock!

Draft Summary:

Alberto Del Rio
The Big Show

The Miz
Daniel Bryan

Chris Masters
Chavo Guerrero

John Morrison
Yoshi Tatsu

Vance Archer

Chris Jericho
Shawn Michaels

Terry Funk
Dolph Ziggler

John Cena

Raw to SD
Alex Riley
Mark Henry
David Hart Smith

SD to Raw
Great Muta
Matt Hardy


1. John Cena (default)
2. Sheamus (Backlash)
3. Triple H (The Bash)
4. Wade Barrett (Royal Rumble)
5. Santino Marella (WrestleMania)
WWE Champion: Edge (Backlash)
1. The Miz (default)
2. R-Truth (Backlash)
3. The Miz (Extreme Rules)
4. Zack Ryder (The Bash)
5. Ted DiBiase (Night of Champions)
6. Sheamus (Summerslam)
US Champion: Evan Bourne (TLC)
1. Ted DiBiase (default)
2. The Greatest American Bolo (Feb. Week 3 Year 1 Raw)
3. Batista (Elimination Chamber)
Million Dollar Champion: Zack Ryder (Apr. Week 4 Year 2 Raw)


1. Rey Mysterio (default)
2. Jack Swagger (Backlash)
World Champion: Sting (TLC)
1. Dolph Ziggler (default)
2. Luke Gallows (Extreme Rules)
3. Christian (The Bash)
4. Kofi Kingston (Night of Champions)
5. Drew McIntyre (Summerslam)
6. Todo Americano (Hell in a Cell)
7. Dolph Ziggler (Nov. Week 4 Year 1 SD)
8. Kane (Elimination Chamber)
Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston (Backlash)
1. Raven (Dec. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
2. MVP (TLC)
3. Kane (Jan. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
Hardcore Champion: Kofi Kingston (Mar. Week 1 Year 1 SD)

1. The Hart Dynasty (Default)
2. John Morrison & R-Truth (The Bash)
3. The Hart Dynasty (Summerslam)
4. John Morrison & R-Truth (Hell in a Cell)
5. Straight Edge Society (Bragging Rights)
Unified Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Drew McIntyre (Elimination Chamber)