Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Golly, I Hit 200 Posts

With this post, in fact.

I was gonna try to come up with something cool here, but when my 200th post wouldn't have hit until July...if I'm lucky.

So, what's been going on?

- For some reason, my birthday (March 6th), tends to fall on or around GM's Day (or vice versa, really). In this case, apparently, GM's Day is March 4th. RPGNow is running a big sale in which a lot of companies are participating...a bunch of products at 25% off until March 8th or so. You can check that out here.

- In theory, I am still a comic book writer. In practice, it has all become very depressing. I have three completed scripts, art finished and everything, that are stuck in limbo and awaiting the colorists and letterers. I am unofficially boycotting Con Season until we have product ready to sell again, because I can't muster the energy necessary to pimp something that was due out six months ago and has no new release date in sight.

- We had a meeting about a new communication device for my daughter Faith, who is autistic. Durable communications devices are some high end stuff, apparently, and can get pretty pricey. For those interested in following the saga and milestones of our life with our autistic daughter and her incredibly supportive big brother can read my wife's blog here.

- I still plan to do "Scaling Savage Supers", hopefully very soon. I also have something for War of the Dead that I want to post before Chapter Three starts, which is likely to be delayed due to Lee over at Daring Entertainment breaking his wrist, unfortunately.

- The next book on the review queue is Invaderz by Post Mortem Studios, followed by the Chronicles of Ramlar Player's Guide and World Guide, WizKid: The Cheapening, The New Gods of Mankind Handbook and Caladon Falls.

- This economy sure sucks...still working two jobs (and making less than I did a couple of years ago). I'd sure like to go back to working one job again and make even what I am right now. I would probably write much more, to be honest.

- For readers who like irreverent humor, I highly recommend looking up C.L. Bevill, specifically Bubba and the Dead Woman...I have been laughing out loud for days over this, and you can get it at Smashwords (or Barnes & Noble and maybe even Amazon) for free (in e-book format, of course).

- I am really interested to see Eloy Lasanta's new game, Part-Time Gods. In that respect, at least, the end of the year cannot come soon enough.

- I've reviewed some great, but low profile, games this year...and it kinda saddens me to see how few the hits are for some of those games...mostly because I think gamers are doing themselves a serious disservice by not checking some of these games out.

- Fun facts: According to Blogger, the most read post on this site, ever, is my Walking Dead post...and most people find it because of the Emma Bell picture. The most read game review I have ever posted is Smallville. For some inexplicable reason, the Ninja Turtles/ICONS stuff is incredibly popular as well.

- I'm pretty disappointed at my lack of productive output over the last year. Hopefully I can change that this year.

- OH! I won $50 just for FAILING TO QUALIFY for a survey. That's easily the coolest rejection I have ever received.

Keep readin', and I'll keep writing! Hopefully 200 posts is just the beginning.