Thursday, March 24, 2011

[My WWE Universe Year 2] Extreme Rules




Santino Marella looked impressive, pinning Ezekiel Jackson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match after the Cobra!

Goldust and Cody Rhodes looked great together, beating Tyson Kidd and Primo after Goldust pinned Primo following Shattered Dreams!

Romero Contreras murdered Chavo Guerrero.

Wade Barrett beat Sheamus to a bloody pulp in a #1 Contender's Match...but Edge ran in and took out his old rival Barrett with a Spear! This allowed Sheamus to hit the High Cross for the pin! However, Barrett had friends in high places and the match was restarted as a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Edge ran out again, but a wayward shot by Sheamus caused Edge to leave Sheamus to his fate...the Wasteland!


In a Triple Threat Match, Kaval jumped Shelton Benjamin before the match during a bout with Mike Knox. They all went back and forth until Kaval caught Knox out of nowhere with a small package for the pin.

Heath Slater picked up a nice win over Matt Hardy.

As Triple H battled Joe Cothern, Cothern's Million Dollar Teammate Dolph Ziggler hit the ring...and laid out Cothern! Triple H looked confused...but hit the Pedigree for the pin!


The Miz jumped Kofi Kingston from the crowd before their Hardcore Title Match, and used that advantage to pin him and win the Hardcore title.

Rey Mysterio looked like he had Christian on the ropes in a Tables Match, when Kaval ran in and split Rey wide open! This allowed Christian to put Rey through the table for the win.

As Raven and RVD fought MVP and Mark Henry in a cage, Raven made his escape first, which unfortunately left RVD alone against the other two. The reunion of MVP and Henry wasn't successful as RVD managed to thwart them and escape himself.

Sting and Batista squared off in a big brawl. Booker T tried to help Sting out, but Batista managed to use the chaos to bring a sledgehammer in and nail Sting. Ultimately, the Batista Bomb finished Sting.



Kane took advantage of the mutual hatred between Zack Ryder and Ted DiBiase to win the Million Dollar Title in a Triple Threat Match! After the match, he went after Ryder with a chair when Dolph Ziggler hit the ring and ran him off!

William Regal and Drew McIntyre fended off Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a non title Falls Count Anywhere match thanks to intervention by Luke Gallows.

Alberto Del Rio jumped Big Show from the crowd before their match, using the unfair advantage to take Show out!

In a brutal Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere main event, Sheamus pinned Edge to defeat him and Wade Barrett. Skip Sheffield got involved at one point but was sent scurrying...Sheamus stands tall to redeem himself after losing last week!


Shinsuke Nakamura being at ringside did nothing to help Terry Funk against Husky Harris, who scored the pin after a crushing top rope senton.

Shelton Benjamin found himself in a precarious position, facing Alex Riley and Kaval in a Triple Threat Match. Benjamin managed to stun Kaval and Riley, pinning Kaval after Paydirt, just as fellow Christian Coalition stablemate John Morrison hit the ring with a chair!

R-Truth hit the ring on fire and polished off Vance Archer quickly!


Jack Swagger and The Rock beat the living Hell out of one another, but Swagger came out on top with the Gutwrench Powerbomb! After the match, Undertaker appeared in the ring and gave Swagger a chokeslam!

In a match every bit as thrilling as you would expect, John Morrison pinned Rob Van Dam after a crushing running knee to the face!

Mark Henry and MVP jumped Cryme Tyme before their Tables Match! Though it was a good brawl, MVP and Henry never looked to be in real trouble, winning after MVP suplexed JTG through the table.

CM Punk and John Cena battled in a Tables Match that was interrupted mid-bout by Alex Riley! Riley laid both men out but Cena ultimately recovered and put a bloodied Punk through two stacked tables!



As much damage as Ezekiel Jackson did to Evan Bourne in their Tables match to open Raw, Bourne still prevailed when he crushed Jackson through a table with the Air Bourne!

In a shocking show of ability, Dolph Ziggler outlasted Kane in an impromptu Submission Match to become the #1 Contender to the US title.

Joe Cothern hit the ring on fire and destroyed David Otunga, even putting his feet on the ropes to punctuate it.

Randy Orton stalled out some of Sheamus' momementum with an RKO!


Because they haven't wrestled on Superstars enough, RVD faced off with Mike Knox. Knox stormed the ring before the match, but Van Dam still prevailed with the Five Star Frog Splash.

Ted DiBiase stormed the ring against Santino, but it failed for him like it just did Knox against RVD...I mean, c'mon, Santino's a former World Champion.

In a Raw battle Royal, Vladimir Kozlov eliminated Chavo Guerrero, Romero Contreras sent Terry Funk out, and Husky Harris accidentally eliminated his own team mate Skip Sheffield. Romero eliminated Harris moments later, and then suplexed Kozlov over the ropes and to the floor!


Shelton Benjamin stormed the ring and wiped out Jack Swagger in a super fast "Falls Count Anywhere" match! After the match, Kaval and John Morrison came out onto the ramp and taunted Shelton!

The Miz gained some hardcore credibility with a successful title defense over Finlay in an Extreme Rules match.

John Cena and Kofi Kingston agreed to take on Alex Riley and a mystery partner in a Tables Match...Riley's partner? MIKE KNOX. William Regal walked to the ring...and blasted Kofi with a chair! In a shocker, a chair weilding CM Punk ran out of the crowd and seemingly ran Regal off!  Kofi ultimately got the win for his team with a flying legdrop through the table on Riley!

Shawn Michaels taught Batista a nasty lesson in being TOO laser focused, pinningg him to become the #1 Contender to the World Title! The match was restarted as a Submission which the two reviled men tore each other apart! HBK ultimately left Batista a bloody mess...and made him submit to the Figure Four Leglock!

Week 4


Kane, being cheered on by Alberto Del Rio, defended the Million Dollar Title against Santino. Dolph Ziggler was in the crowd, but Kane would not be distracted.

Vance Archer jumped Shinsuke Nakamura from behind before their match started, but he never capitalized and Nakamura planted him after the Boma Ye.

Tyson Kidd and Primo jumped John Cena and Kofi Kingston on their way to the ring, but Cena and Kingston destroyed the two smaller men and prevailed, becoming the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles! After the match, Regal and McIntyre hit the ring and wiped them out!!

Edge was suckered by Wade Barrett into a handicap match against Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater! The Nexus was too much for him, and Gabriel's 450 Splash put Edge out.


The Great Muta prevailed over Terry Funk in an impromptu Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Mike Knox and Luke Gallows jumped Cody Rhodes and Goldust on their way to the ring! The Golden Boys tried to fight back, but Knox hit the Knoxed Out on Goldust to pick up the win!

Alberto Del Rio ambushed Triple H before their match began, and kept him from ever getting out of the starting gate.


The Miz and John Morrison argued about who should start off their match against Shelton Benjamin and Daniel Bryan, and it proved to be a nasty bit of foreshadowing. Even when Kaval came out to interfere (and got suplexed into the ring steps by Shelton), The Christian Coalition could not keep focused enough to beat Shelton and Bryan.

Rey Mysterio fended off Mark Henry's interference en route to beating MVP!

CM Punk came out to take on Alex Riley for getting involved in his business a couple of weeks ago. As they went at it, John Morrison hit the ring and Punk looked nervous...until Morrison laid out Riley!! Punk looked stunned...then finished Riley off!

Sting and Shawn Michael faced off in an Iron Man Match with HBK getting the first pin, thanks to a pre-match sneak attack! Sting rallied back, but Batista ran in and hit the Batista Bomb! Booker T ran Batista off and Sting wound up pulling ahead, getting a 3-1 victory! HBK had to be carted away on a stretcher post-match!!


John Morrison beat The Miz down for most of their TLC match...but Miz kicked Morrison off the top of the ladder and managed to yank the Hardcore title down!

In a clean, athletic contest, Evan Bourne pinned Dolph Ziggler with the Air Bourne to retain the US title!

Randy Orton reduced Alberto Del Rio to a bloody mess in a Last Man Standing match. Del Rio was quick enough to avoid the Punt Kick, but ate the RKO and got KOed.

In an INTENSE and HIGH IMPACT tag team ladder match, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, William Regal and Drew McIntyre got all of each other...Regal at one point knocked down two ladders with Kofi's limp body, but Cena got the belts after knocking Regal off the ladder! New champions!

Shawn Michaels' replacement for the World Title Match was none other than...BATISTA. Batista took everything Sting had and kept shrugging it off, rolling out of the ring after a Death Drop, powering out of the Deathlock and even getting back up after Sting drove him through the announce table...but Sting did get the pin after a second Death Drop!

Two months after Santino spoiled his Raw dominance, Wade Barrett defeated Edge in an Extreme Rules match to become a two time WWE Champion! After the match, Barrett brutally attacked Edge with a chair!


1. John Cena (default)
2. Sheamus (Backlash)
3. Triple H (The Bash)
4. Wade Barrett (Royal Rumble)
5. Santino Marella (WrestleMania)
6. Edge (Backlash)
WWE Champion: Wade Barrett (Extreme Rules)
1. The Miz (default)
2. R-Truth (Backlash)
3. The Miz (Extreme Rules)
4. Zack Ryder (The Bash)
5. Ted DiBiase (Night of Champions)
6. Sheamus (Summerslam)
US Champion: Evan Bourne (TLC)
1. Ted DiBiase (default)
2. The Greatest American Bolo (Feb. Week 3 Year 1 Raw)
3. Batista (Elimination Chamber)
4. Zack Ryder (Apr. Week 4 Year 2 Raw)
Million Dollar Champion: Kane (May Week 2 Year 2 Raw)


1. Rey Mysterio (default)
2. Jack Swagger (Backlash)
World Champion: Sting (TLC)
1. Dolph Ziggler (default)
2. Luke Gallows (Extreme Rules)
3. Christian (The Bash)
4. Kofi Kingston (Night of Champions)
5. Drew McIntyre (Summerslam)
6. Todo Americano (Hell in a Cell)
7. Dolph Ziggler (Nov. Week 4 Year 1 SD)
8. Kane (Elimination Chamber)
Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston (Backlash)
1. Raven (Dec. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
2. MVP (TLC)
3. Kane (Jan. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
4: Kofi Kingston (Mar. Week 1 Year 1 SD)
Hardcore Champion: The Miz (May Week 1 Year 2 SD)

1. The Hart Dynasty (Default)
2. John Morrison & R-Truth (The Bash)
3. The Hart Dynasty (Summerslam)
4. John Morrison & R-Truth (Hell in a Cell)
5. Straight Edge Society (Bragging Rights)
6: William Regal & Drew McIntyre (Elimination Chamber)
Unified Tag Team Champions: John Cena & Kofi Kingston