Monday, February 8, 2010

Tommy's Take on: WWE Smackdown 2/5/10


Tonight, Edge returns to The Cutting Edge, with The Undertaker as his guest...and Elimination Chamber qualifiers!

- Edge video package.

- Smackdown opening.

- CHRIS JERICHO~! is here.  Standard Jericho promo, talking about how he's been building to the WM main event since beating four men at WM 25, but Edge came in and stole it.  He suddenly ramps the intensity up to a new level talking how he's been left with NOTHING and that won't settle for NOTHING.  Demanding Teddy Long lets him bypass Elimination Chamber qualifiers...Long is refusing to come out, so Jericho's going after him!

- Jericho is stalking around backstage.  Demanding people tell him where Long is at.  Edge is in Long's office!  Edge tells Jericho that he's the reason Edge worked to come back!  Edge points out that he's interviewing The Undertaker tonight...Jericho blows it off and says he'll be watching.

- Elimination Chamber video that they aired on Raw.

- Sheamus defends against Cena, HHH, Orton, DiBiase and Kofi at the PPV.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Interesting.  I gotta imagine Morrison and McIntyre will cancel each other out, letting Kane advance.  He's just the kind of big threat to put in a multiman match like this.  Morrison goes after McIntyre, then fights off Kane before Drew attacks from behind.  School boy on McIntyre.  Morrison and McIntyre team up to drop Kane!  Back at each other.  Cross body takes Morrison and McIntyre both over the top!  Commercials.

- McIntyre is beating Kane down.  Kane fires back.  Morrison out on the floor.  Kane has the upper hand.  Snap mare and basement dropkick.  Morrison with the save!  Morrison is all over McIntyre as well!  Big backbreaker by McIntyre!  McIntyre with some cheap shots but he eats a boot!  Kane up top...Morrison with a huge kick!  Gets clotheslined out by Drew!  Drew meeting Kane up top...Kane blocks...Drew gets dumped!  He rushes Kane...gets the throat!  Choke Slam?  Flying Chuck on both men!  Morrison on fire!  Big kick to Kane!  Drew breaks it up.  Head butt.  I thought only blacks, Samoans and masked guys did that?  Round the world DDT!  All three men feeling the effects.  McIntyre crushed in the corner!  Morrison as well!  Drew gets sent out!  Kane hammers under...uppercut!  Kane side slam!  Kane goes up...clothesline on Morrison!  Calling for the Choke Slam!  McIntyre with the belt!  Future Shock!  Morrison breaks it up!  STARSHIP PAIN!!!


- Awesome!!!  Morrison steals the win!!!  Very glad to be wrong!

- Exclusive Batista-Cena footage tonight.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- I can't imagine a situation in which Knox wins this.  R-Truth dodging Knox but got NAILED with the Flying Bear!  Big slam and a knee drop.  Knox is repeatedly covering R-Truth.  Big forearm.  R-Truth ducks down and sends Knox over the ropes!  Flip onto Knox!  Back in...dropkick!  Kick to the gut...spinning forearm!  That's it!


- Undertaker vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs ? vs ? vs ?

- Chris Jericho, Batista and...Dolph Ziggler?

- Bret-Vince footage.

- Foorage after Raw went off the air...Cena saved Bret....Batista charged the ring and sent Cena into the post.  Then the steps.  Then over the announce table.  Brutal beating on the floor.  Smashed him with the ring steps.  OW!  Huge Batista Bomb on the steps.  I think they's going to WrestleMania.

- CM Punk looks a little freaked he's facing Batista tonight.  Definitely selling the scary.  Punk assked Gallows and Serena what they will do to protect their "savior".  Batista winning by DQ, and Gallows and Serena getting killed by Batista?

- Great job selling the psychology there.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier
BATISTA vs CM PUNK (w/Luke Gallows & Serena)

- A lot of bald heads here.  What is this, TNA?  Batista looking cocky.  Scoffing at the Straight Edge Society outside the ring.  Batista playing mind games here.  He's leaving the ring?  Staring down away?  He's cut some kind of deal with Vince?  Punk wins via countout!

Winner: CM PUNK via countout.

- Undertaker vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs CM Punk vs ? vs ?

- Punk is ecstatic...mostly that he's not dead.

- Matt Hardy is backstage and runs into Maria.  Celebrity Apprentice plug.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- I can't see Jericho losing this.  Jericho hides in the ropes.  Lock up.  Jericho shoves Matt and dives to the floor.  Re-enters...tie up.  Headlock by Jericho.  Matt shoots him off...shouldertackle.  Matt clothesline.  Hardy beats Jericho.  Er, beats ON Jericho.  Striker playing up the mishmash of Hardy's style.  Matt backdrops Jericho out of the ring!  Dives onto Jericho!  Striker points out that Jericho hasn't missed any serious time due to injury, but Edge has.  Jericho sends Matt into the steps.  Ref's up to 8.  Matt BARELY gets back in.  Boot to the ribs.  Into the corner...clothesline!  Matt's bleeding from the mouth.  Matt fights back...small package!  Kickout by Jericho. Enzuigiri!  Choke on the ropes.  Jericho hammers Matt.  Jericho hits the corner!  Sleeper neckbreaker!  Matt pounds Jericho...clothesline!  Bulldog!  Kickout.  Big elbow by Matt.  Twist of Fate?  Shove off!  Elbow!  Lionsault!  Kickout.  Crowd getting behind Hardy...Side Effect!  Kickout!  Jericho's acting wobbly.  Schoolboy with feet on the ropes, but Matt kicks out!  Walls of Jericho!  Matt Hardy never dies!  Hardy rolls through into a small package but Jericho kicks out!  Kick!  Twist of Fate but he holds the ropes!  CODEBREAKER!


- Undertaker vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs CM Punk vs Chris Jericho vs ?

- That was an awfully slow, plodding match for those two.  And given how awesome Jericho is these days, I blame Matt.

- Royal Rumble recap showing Layla in a fat suit, Mickie attacking Layla and squashing Michelle, and the face divas bringing out a cake to smash on Michelle.

- Mickie James!

- She's awfully bouncy for a fat chick.  Just saying.

- Not sure if the crowd is buying the feel-good promo.  You jaded pricks.

- Beth Phoenix!!  Uh-oh. Beth entered the Rumble and eliminated The Great Khali.

- Beth downplays Mickie's victory by touting her Rumble entry.  Beth says the belt is hers as soon as she wants it.  Mickie says she won't back down...but...ugh...Vickie Guerrero comes out.  Neither one looks pleased to see her.  Vickie shuts them down.  She says they won't get to wrestle each other...but they will be facing Michelle McCool and Layla tonight!


- Matching entrance gear.  That's cool.  Is McCool going to actually wrestle tonight?  Beth is starting off with McCool.  Beth DOMINATES.  Cheap shot by McCool.  McCool crushed in the corner.  McCool drops Beth and works the leg.  Tries for an anklelock and fails.  Layla calls for a tag...but Beth nails her!  Drags McCool to her corner and lays into McCool!  Tag to Mickie!  Mickie is all over McCool...BETH NAILS MICKIE!  Beth smiles at McCool...and nails HER!  Layla tags in...and gets rolled up by Mickie!!

Winners: MICKIE JAMES & BETH PHOENIX via pinfall on LAYLA (Small package)

- Layla and McCool are arguing as Mickie and Beth stare down.  Does this mean Mickie/McCool is done?  Please?

- Cryme Tyme Word Up segment.  I...don't even know what they just said.  Word is "King", but it has nothing to do with Jerry Lawler...wait...or maybe it does.  Kings such as BB King...Elvis Presley...Shad is singing...and singing well...nice, Lawler shout out.  Lawler's there!  Cool.  They're going to save some "puppies".

Elimination Chamber Qualifier

- Rey and Dolph locking up.  Dolph go around and takedown.  Taunting Rey.  Headlock by Dolph.  Rey fights back.  Rey drops down and leapfrogs, then gets clotheslined!  Rey fights up and over into a sunset flip!  Dolph and Rey unloading on each other!  Big headscissors by Rey!  Dive to the floor!  They are officially doing the "Rey is old" psychology.  Rey fights into the ring.  Leaps off the ropes into a dropkick!  Rey kicks out.  Back drop?  Rey flips over...Dolph nails him but gets dropped onto the second rope!  Dolph bails before Rey can hit the 619!  Dolph is on the floor as we go to break.

- Dolph in control as we return.  Whip into the buckles.  They fight up...Rey sends Dolph down but he pops back up!  Superplex!  Pin only gets two.  Dolph stomps a mudhole into Rey.  Surfboard variation.  Rey knees Dolph in the face.  Dolph cuts him off..slingshot into the corner is blocked as Rey lands on the ropes!  Sends Dolph into the buckles!  Springboard sitdown!  Dolph cuts him off and sunset flip, but Rey flips through and kicks him in the face!  Reversal and Dolph runs into a boot!  Rey with a wheelbarrow bulldog!  Dolph barely hangs on!  Dolph sends Rey into the buckles face first and crushes him!  Dolph catches Rey in the air with a powerslam!  Holy crap!  Rocker Dropper!  Dolph is stalking Rey, hammering him.  Backbreaker...he holds on...victory roll!  Rey gets it!!

Winner: REY MYSTERIO via pinfall.  (Victory Roll)

- Dolph charges him post match!  619!

- I just wanna say...Dolph is getting REALLY good.

- Edge is here for The Cutting Edge!

- Looks like he's still moving gingerly.  "Good to be back, blahblahblah".  Definitely acting more like a face here.  Edge points out that he's back months earlier that he's supposed to be...and by most accounts that's true.  What are the chances that won't end well?

- Showing the video from his confrontation with Sheamus.

- Jericho interrupts!  Man...Jericho's on fire.  He's quite ticked.  Its gonna be sad when he jobs to Edge at WrestleMania.  Edge is stepping it up with Jericho here.  First time this week Edge has sounded like he means it.

- CM Punk?  No thanks, we don't need any.  He's saying something, but I don't care, really.  Seriously...this guy is boring me to tears.  It was such an awesome freaking segment until he showed up.

- UNDERTAKER!  He's in the ring!  Tearing apart the Straight Edge Socierty as Edge wipes out Jericho!  Choke Slam on Punk!  Edge sizes him up for the spear...but chooses not to hit it!  He taunts Undertaker instead!  The two men stalk each other as the show goes off the air.

- Good show, mostly.  Let's hope this continues through WrestleMania.