Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Quintet of Kickstarters

Time to bring more Kickstarters to your attention. This time, we have five of them, either projects that I am personally interested in, or projects from people that I am terribly fond of.

In alphabetical order..

I like the guys personally...and I love supers gaming...I'm just really not a fan of either Pathfinder or Mutants & Masterminds, so I don't tend to get too excited about too many products by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. That said, I would probably be all over something BASH or Savage Worlds related...but I digress (it's my blog, I'm allowed tangents).

Deus Ex Historica is told from the point of view of a time traveling archaeologist, providing heroes and villains stretching from the Golden Age to the Modern Age. It isn't intended to be a setting in and of itself, rather providing heroes and villains that can be used in your Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition setting, whatever it may be. $10 for a PDF or $25 for a PDF/Print bundle are more than fair, especially at approximately 300 pages. Looking at around three weeks to go with about $1500 left to fund it.

HELLAS is a Greek/space epic by Jerry D. Grayson of Godsend Agenda, who is trying to fund a second printing. I've never played HELLAS, but folks whose tastes are similar to mine are sure fans of it. The basic rewards are $15 for the PDF and $50 for the hardcover. At $70, you can score PDFs of the two main supplements to go along with the new printing. With just under two weeks to go, they're still looking at north of $5000 to hit the goal.

Low Life was one of the early Savage Settings and it gets scoffed at quite a bit because of it's low brow humor, but Shane Hensley has always spoken fondly of it being in the Savage Stable. I'm actually planning to review the original Low Life book next, but this Kickstarter is for the first in a new line of supplements designed to expand the Motha Oith setting. The plan, it seems, is that the books will be rules free until the appendix, which will cover Savage Worlds, with other rules systems like Pathfinder covered in free downloads later. The PDF clocks in at the $35 level, with the hardcopy at the $50 level. The $2000 level gets you ever Low Life product that will ever be released, as well as free entry into anything Off the Cob Productions runs. With three weeks to go, this one is at approximately $1500 remaining. Stay tuned for the Low Life review.

This AD&D2e retroclone is the only one on the list that has actually been funded already, and is almost at the first stretch goal (upping the paper quality). AD&D2e was my favorite version of D&D - at all, ever - so a good retroclone is certainly appealing to me. Starter versions of the Player's Guide and DMG are already available as a teaser for the real deal. At $75, you get four copies of the Player's Guide, whether you're just a group pitching in together, or a retailer. The art at the top of the page is the cover image.

Geared specifically at getting girl gamers to play, Witch Girls has been out for a while and done pretty well for itself. This second edition would blow up the setting, taking it from girl Witches (with Wizard options available for boys) to also encompassing Fae, Immortals, Mortals, Shapeshifters and Vampires. The Kickstarter is promising that the one book will be more than enough for most anything you want to do with the game. Key pledges are $20 for the PDF, $50 for the (autographed) physical book or $60 for the bundle. With a month left to go, they are just over $300 away. Download the freebie Star Creation guide for the first edition to see if you like it.