Monday, April 2, 2012

Quantum Sliders: Arabian Nights Released!

Relic, American Grit, Shanghai 2048 and The Garden of Athena were only the beginning...

Introducing the first in the Quantum Sliders adventure series for Savage Suzerain, Arabian Nights!

The prosperity of a desert Sultanate is unraveling!

 The Sultan is dead and the magical island of Karkadann crumbles under a scourge of ruinous djinn. What secrets were lost with the ruler’s passing? Our heroes delve into court intrigue, explore furtive desert hideaways, and travel a plagued land, looking for the answer. What they find won’t be pleasant, and in the end they must choose: defy the Great Spirit of Wishes or make a sacrifice....

In this Savage Worlds* adventure for Heroic rank characters you’ll find all you need to run a great session of Fast! Furious! Fun! It’s set among our Timeline realms, meaning it’s part of real world history, but with magic sprinkled on top!

* A copy of Savage Suzerain is also recommended to get the best out of this book.
- Each adventure is designed to be standalone.
- Though each adventure is standalone, sharp-eyed observers will notice recurring elements and thematic links.
- Quantum Sliders adventures can be linked together, played separately, in numerical order or any order!

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