Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend News Update

Caladon Falls Still Needs Your Help

Time is drawing near on the Caladon Falls fundraiser, and Savage Mojo still needs your help. A great campaign with a nice twist on standard fantasy that, I think, appeals to the Savage Worlds fans who also like stuff like Warhammer and Dragon Age.

The RPG Blog Alliance

I'm not usually a "joiner", but here I am, a member of the RPG Blog Alliance. After just a couple of days, we are already more than 100 blogs strong, and in addition to hosting a combined RSS Feed, the RPG Blog Alliance has their own centralized set of message boards.

I Have Seen Savage Worlds Deluxe And It Is GOOD.

As part of my work as a freelancer, on such projects as *redacted*  and *redacted*  (both coming soon), I have been allowed a prerelease look at Savage Worlds Deluxe. Honestly, from everything I had heard, I was incredibly skeptical about the need for Savage Worlds Deluxe, but those thoughts disappeared pretty quickly digging into the book. The return of *redacted*  was surprising, but not unexpected, and very welcome. The section on *redacted*  is really great, providing more *redacted*  for players and GMs. As good as it is, the new *redacted* don't quite work for me as well as the old ones do, and I was kinda surprised at the complete removal of *redacted*. It's some really good stuff that will hopefully take Savage Worlds to that next level.

Part-Time Gods Shatters Another Benchmark

Eloy Lasanta's Part-Time Gods kickstarter just keeps on going, breaking the $6,000 mark...astonishing. He's been releasing regular updates over on the Kickstarter page, including art previews.

Development Issues

The Sekrit Projekt I mentioned last week is probably NOT going to be showing up around October after all, especially if I plow ahead with pursuing a commercial license and Pinnacle does approve it. I have been tapping some of my contacts for advice and aid, and I'm ultimately thinking I may need to go back to the drawing board. However, I will get SOMETHING out the door in time for Halloween, regardless.

Postmortem Video Trailers

Ian Warner of Postmortem Studios sent me links to all of these the other day, and while I had seen the Tough Justice one, the rest were new to me...behold, the YouTube trailers for four of Postmortem's games!

Invaderz Pocket Edition

Tough Justice

Agents of SWING


I'm off this weekend, starting a new job on Tuesday...I plan on releasing reviews of Sword Noir, The Path of Kane and MACHO over the weekend, for your reading pleasure. Thanks!


  1. Interesting, I wasn't sure Savage Worlds needed a new edition either. Will be interested in learning more about the new Deluxe Edition.

  2. The cool part is, nothing was changed that makes the game incompatible with previous material...but the book is an impressive piece of work.