Friday, May 20, 2011

Some End of the Week News

RPGNow Wants To Know About Your Character

I know, right? Well, RPGNow is holding a big honkin' contest with some great prizes for the person that not only impresses the judges, but the voting public. Click on through to check it out.

Pinnacle Gets Into The EBook Business

Pinnacle Entertainment, makers of Savage Worlds, recently announced that they are getting into the eBook business, with fiction lines based on their game worlds, such as 50 Fathoms and Deadlands. They followed that up by blocking my e-mails and phone calls so I couldn't bug them for work.

They were right to do so.

I'm excited about you may recall, I purchased a Nook last year, and ePub is being supported by Pinnacle's new publishing efforts.

War of the Dead Chapter Three Goes On Sale 6/13/11

Daring Entertainment has made the release date official. I am particularly excited about this, because this is my first professional RPG gig (for those who missed the announcement, I was brought on as the editor) and I am gleefully enjoying the twists as turns as much as I know you will. Hurry up and take advantage of those pre-order deals, though...they are a freaking steal.

Next Week, Postmortem Studios Takes Over The Blog

Well, not exactly...but I have reviews lined up for four of Postmortem Studios' games: Chav the Knifing, Bloodsucker the Angst, Tough Justice and Agents of S.W.I.N.G...and I'm planning an e-mail interview with Postmortem Head Honcho James "Grim" Desborough. I'm hoping to have a couple of other reviews in place over the weekend.

Caladon Falls Fundraiser Is Still Going On

Caladon Falls, which I hope to be running online very soon, is getting closer to the end of its fundraiser period, and still has a deficit to make up. Really, if you like Savage Worlds and fantasy at all, I STRONGLY encourage you to chip in. It's not like you don't get anything for it, and it's a tremendous book.

The Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Just Keeps Going

Third Eye Games' Part-Time Gods Kickstarter started strong and just will not stop. Indeed, with 24 days left to go, they have raised more than twice their goal and rising.

Everything's Coming Up Aces

On a personal note, I just landed a new job that I start at the end of the month, and things are falling in place for my Hellrazer webcomic with the amazing Johnnie Johnson. We hope to be in full-swing with it by summer. One way or another, I will have something special lined up for Halloween this year for Savage Worlds fans...I am looking into a commercial release, but am skeptical about being able to meet Pinnacle's licensing requirements...either way, I'm prepping a Savage Worlds horror release that will be available by mid-October, one way or another.

Thanks for reading!

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