Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Future of the Blog

Hey folks...

As many of you saw in the last post, I have been brought on board as an editor for War of the Dead Chapter 3 by Daring Entertainment...this impacts my review schedule for a couple of reasons: 1) Obviously, I have paid special attention to War of the Dead during its first two chapters, and I won't be reviewing Chapter 3 due to my involvement and 2) while the editing is some pretty easy stuff due to the professionalism I am dealing with in this case, it is still a bit time consuming...as well, I've taken on a couple of other freelance gigs and am about to launch a webcomic with my good friend Johnnie Johnson (of Equinox Comics).

This, by necessity, affects my time and ability to continue doing reviews. However, that does not mean I am intending to stop doing reviews. I was blessed with both the ability to speed read and the ability to comprehend that which I read, which is how I maintained the volume of reviews that I did over the last year. What slows me down is that I just don't write as fast as I read. Now, my preferred solution at this time is to try to simplify my review process somewhat from the comprehensive, almost page by page breakdowns I have performed with a great many products, and see if I can't still provide the same necessary information in a more efficient (and maybe even more organized) manner.

We can only hope, right?

And hopefully, I can finally get a couple of those side project articles that I have been wanting to post on here for months finished and posted for you all to read. Here's hoping!

Thanks for your continued support and readership, and I hope I can continue to inform and maybe entertain from time to time.