Sunday, April 10, 2011

Third Eye Games Fights For Autism Awareness

I haven't exactly been subtle about the fact that I'm a big fan of Third Eye Games, both Wu Xing and Apocalypse Prevention Inc. What neither Eloy nor myself realized until recently is that we shared a common experience: We are both parents of autistic children (him having a son, myself having a daughter). I should have shared this earlier, but I failed to: April is Autism Awareness Month, and Third Eye Games is donating 10% of all their profits to AutismTalks, so I encourage anyone who has had any interest in picking up anything by Third Eye Games to do so this month, from RPGNow or Studio 2 Publishing.

To read a review of pretty much anything they have released thus far, you can click here. Plus, for this month, you can get 20% off Apocalypse Prevention Inc. at RPGnow by using checkout code DTRPGAprilPodBlog2011.

(This code will also give you 20% off Dirty Secrets by Dark Omen Games, Wraith Recon by Mongoose, Lexicon of Traps by Ennead Games and Shadow, Sword & Spell by Rogue Games.)

They make great games. I own everything they have released thus far, in some format or another, so I don't make the recommendation support a great cause and buy some great games.


For more information on this charity or to give directly, visit