Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caladon Falls Kickstarter

Caladon Falls, which I just reviewed over here, is being brought to print via a Kickstarter-like fundraiser on IndieGoGo.

I *highly* enjoyed Caladon Falls (as I have all of the Suzerain products I've had the pleasure of reviewing thus far), and in addition to some nice new Edges and Hindrances, Caladon Falls provides a full plot point campaign that manages to feel like familiar fantasy while also distinguishing itself with a military twist that really takes advantage of the strengths of the Savage Worlds system?

For my part, I plan on at least chipping in $10 (Suzerain Adventure Deck? YES PLEASE)...more if I can do it (because, frankly, the Savage Mojo production values NEED to be seen in print, in my opinion).

So...check it out, support a great company's awesome gameline for (in my opinion) the best game system on the market today, and get stuff for it. Click that IndieGoGo link up top to learn more and kick in a donation.

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