Thursday, April 21, 2011

[My WWE Universe Year 2] The Bash

Road to The Bash



You would think Ezekiel Jackson would be tired of losing to Evan Bourne...and yet...afterwardsm Bourne tried to make nice, but it might have just offended Jackson further.

Poor Bolo. Even if Wade Barrett hadn't jumped him on the way to the ring and gave him the Wasteland on the floor, his chances of victory were not good. Big Show tried to keep Barrett from inflicting too much damage, but the outcome of this match was never in doubt.

William Regal and Drew McIntyre looked impressive in destroying Tyson Kidd and Primo in a Ladder Match, proving a point after last night's loss.

In a crushing Fatal Four Way, Edge pinned both Alberto Del Rio and Justin Gabriel while Big Show fought off an interfering Ted DiBiase...and then Big Show triumphed when he and Edge collided!


Rob Van Dam and David Hart Smith made an odd team against Luke Gallows and Mike Knox...who looked impressive as they defeated Van Dam and Smith, despite interference from Cody Rhodes!

Joe Cothern jumped R-Truth from the crowd and wiped him out with a brutal lariat for the win!

Terry Funk was accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura as he faced Skip Sheffield (w/Heath Slater). The younger and stronger Sheffield did a ton of damage, but the wily Funk inflicted some wounds of his own. However, The Nexus tricked Nakamura into causing a distraction that allowed Sheffield to take a chair to Funk. A Stunner put Funk out moments later.


CM Punk opened the show against Drew McIntyre! William Regal ran out to interfere, but Kofi Kingston ran out to intercept him! Punk got the pin with the GTS!

Big Show and The Greatest American Bolo faced off with Mark Henry and MVP in a Tables Match! MVP and Henry jumped Show and Bolo before the match, but the good guys fought back and Show speared Henry through a table for the win!

Shelton Benjamin and Daniel Bryan picked up an impressive win over Nexus members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel!

In the main event, Sting faced off with John Cena and Batista in a Triple Threat Tables Match! Despite Cena and Sting both being (mostly) fan favorites, they pulled no fact, Cena won when he drove Sting through a table with the Attitude Adjustment! As Cena celebrated, William Regal and Drew McIntyre came to the ramp and taunted him!



Shinsuke Nakamura's new job description seems to be bodyguard to the babyfaces as R-Truth took on, and defeated, Vance Archer.

Wade Barrett fended off Dolph Ziggler in a good match...until the match was restarted as a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Barrett went after Ziggler with a chair...when Edge stormed the ring and Speared the WWE Champion! Ziggler picked up a huge win thanks to the interference!

William Regal and Drew McIntyre jumped Cryme Tyme before the bell, but nearly regretted it as Shad and JTG took the fight to them! Regal cheated to get the upperhand, when Kofi Kingston came down and got involved! Once the ref removed Kingston, Regal was able to pin JTG by using the ropes for leverage.

As Edge was in the process of taking Alberto Del Rio down in a #1 Contender's Match, Wade Barrett interfered! Edge wound up getting frustrated and nailed Barrett with a chair...and the referee DQed Edge!


The Great Muta fended off an attack by Matt Hardy in order to pin Terry Funk with a Moonsault.

Mike Knox jumped The Rock from behind and hit the Knox Out on the concrete floor to score the pin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

In a six man Raw Battle Royal, Sheamus was the first elimination, at the hands of Santino! Ezekiel Jackson got the next elimination, sending Zack Ryder out. Joe Cothern dumped out Ezekiel Jackson as Big Show eliminated Santino, and the two big, bald men squared off! As hard as Cothern hits, it was ultimately Show that prevailed!


The Miz jumped CM Punk before the match in their Extreme Rules Hardcore Title Match. Punk kept him from capitalizing and the match went back and forth. Miz stuck a trash can on Punk's head and whacked it with a chair, and finished him with the Skull Crushing Finale on the can for the win.

Alex Riley looked very impressive against Booker T, but Booker busted him open and put him down with the Book End!

The #1 Contenders Fatal Fourway between Christian, Luke Gallows, William Regal and Shelton Benjamin was crazy, including a Rey Mysterio run-in. Despite a ton of nearfalls, the end came when Christian hit the Killswitch on Gallows while Shelton and Regal fought on the floor, giving Christian the win.

Sting, John Cena and Batista met in a rematch, this one a Ladder Match! Again, it was every man for himself and Sting got split wide open...but he also managed to be the one to climb the ladder and pull off the win!



Apparently The Greatest American Bolo was unavailable as Big Show had to announce a mystery partner to join him against Ted DiBiase and Joe Cothern...Chavo Guerrero! Dolph Ziggler also came out, getting in DiBiase and Cothern's heads and allowing Chavo to pick up an impressive pinfall on DiBiase.

Kane looked impressive, pinning Dolph Ziggler in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the #1 Contender to the US title. After the match, he went after Dolph with a chair, but Zack Ryder made the save!

JTG vs Justin Gabriel got so competitive that Heath Slater ran out to interfere, nervous about his partner's chances...but the 450 Splash ended JTG's hopes.

Edge defeated Albero Del Rio in a Iron Man Match that was actually little more than a bloody massacre!


Sheamus jumped Shinsuke Nakamura before their match began, but Nakamura had counters ready for just about everything. However, the Celtic Warrior would not be denied and got the pin with the High Cross.

The Rock collided with Mike Knox and got the pin after Luke Gallows was ejected from ringside!

Despite a prematch attack by Kaval and Christian, Chavo Guerrero and The Greatest American Bolo pulled it together to beat the Christian Coalition.


Sting came out to back up CM Punk against The Miz, but Christian still ran to the ring. As Punk was trying to run off Christian, Miz goaded Sting into taking a shot at him, which got Punk DQed!

William Regal triumphed over Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match while Drew McIntyre watched on.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust looked brilliant against Mark Henry and MVP in a brutal tables match when Goldust put MVP through a table after the Shattered Dreams!

Batista vs John Cena was interrupted by Alex Riley, who attacked both men! Though neither man seemed too fazed, Cena was the one more distracted, allowing Batista the upperhand. The referee got bumped and Batista took a chair to Cena, then finished him with the Batista Bomb!



Vladimir Kozlov utterly dominated Ted DiBiase.

Romero Contreras completely destroyed David Otunga.

In a SHOCKER, Tyson Kidd and Primo became the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles after William Regal and Drew McIntyre had a miscommunication and Kofi Kingston got involved to disrupt Regal and McIntyre!

Edge picked up even more momentum by pinning Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage!


Kane looked dominant, destroying US Champion Evan Bourne in a preview of their title match.

Matt Hardy stood about as much of a chance against Sheamus as you would expect.

In a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, Mike Knox took on The Rock, Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin! Shelton ate the first People's Elbow and Knox ate the second...RVD powered out of the Sharpshooter and got caught with the Rock Bottom! Rock scored a clean sweep!


The Miz battled CM Punk in a crushing Extreme Rules Match for the Hardcore Title! Late in the match, he hit the Skull Crushing Finale on a bloody Punk but instead of going for the pin, set up a one man conchairto. Punk dodged it and came at Miz with a chair, but got nailed with boot and a DDT on the chair...Miz got his pin!

Rey Mysterio, Yoshi Tatsu, Christian and Kaval faced off in a Fatal Four Way that got turned into a Falls Count Anywhere Match! It stayed mostly along team lines for a while, until William Regal ran in and attacked everyone! There were a ton of nearfalls, but Rey ultimately caught his own partner for the pin!

Goldust picked up a small upset over William Regal with the Final Cut!

John Cena and Batista collided in a #1 Contender's Match! Batista hit the Batista Bomb early, but Kofi Kingston ran in! Later, Batista bumped the ref and went after Cena with a chair, but got caught with a shoulderblock! Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Batista had the Attitude Adjustment scouted! Batista ripped the turnbuckle cover off and sent Cena in, injuring him for another Batista Bomb that finished it!


John Cena and Kofi Kingston looked dominant against Tyson Kidd and Primo, with Cena pinning Kidd to retain the Tag Team Titles.

Kane ambushed Evan Bourne from the crowd and laid waste to him! Bourne kicked out of a Choke Slam and fought valiantly...but Kane hit a second and become the NEW United States Champion!

Randy Orton dismantled Justin Gabriel, sending a message to WWE Champion Wade Barrett!

In a Championship Scramble match for the Intercontinental Title, Christian started off with Drew McIntyre! Drew showed the first signs of injury, but held on against Christian. Hardcore Champion and Christian Coalition member The Miz hit the ring next! Things started getting crazy violent with Christian hitting the Killswitch to The Miz on the floor, and McIntyre bringing the ring steps into play! William Regal hit the ring next, just in time to save McIntyre from Miz! However...he snuck in and pinned McIntyre himself, becoming the interim champion! Kofi came in last, and Miz was waiting with a steel chair! Kofi tried DESPERATELY to pin SOMEONE and retain his title, but time ran out as he covered Christian and William Regal won the Intercontinental title!

Sting came to the ring first, followed by Batista...but both men were shocked when Shawn Michaels' music hit! HBK came out of the crowd and nailed Batista, apparently an official entrant in the match! He immediately went for the Superkick on Sting, but Sting ducked! All three men went back and forth, with Batista hitting Batista Bombs and Sting firing up, locking him in a Scorpion Deathlock! The end came when Sting took a hard fall and HBK went up top...but Batista slid in the ring with the World title and NAILED HBK, knocking him to the mat and pinning him to become the NEW World Champion!

Edge, Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show came out for the main event...while Wade Barrett ran in from the crowd and attacked Show! He hit the Wasteland, but Del Rio broke it up! Barrett and Del Rio went at it and he set Del Rio up for a Wasteland of his own, when Edge hit the Edge-O-Matic on Show to steal the WWE title from Barrett!


1. John Cena (default)
2. Sheamus (Backlash)
3. Triple H (The Bash)
4. Wade Barrett (Royal Rumble)
5. Santino Marella (WrestleMania)
6. Edge (Backlash)
7. Wade Barrett (Extreme Rules)
WWE Champion: Edge (The Bash)
1. The Miz (default)
2. R-Truth (Backlash)
3. The Miz (Extreme Rules)
4. Zack Ryder (The Bash)
5. Ted DiBiase (Night of Champions)
6. Sheamus (Summerslam)
7: Evan Bourne (TLC)
United States Champion: Kane (The Bash)
1. Ted DiBiase (default)
2. The Greatest American Bolo (Feb. Week 3 Year 1 Raw)
3. Batista (Elimination Chamber)
4. Zack Ryder (Apr. Week 4 Year 2 Raw)
Million Dollar Champion: Kane (May Week 2 Year 2 Raw)


1. Rey Mysterio (default)
2. Jack Swagger (Backlash)
3: Sting (TLC)
World Champion: Batista (The Bash)
1. Dolph Ziggler (default)
2. Luke Gallows (Extreme Rules)
3. Christian (The Bash)
4. Kofi Kingston (Night of Champions)
5. Drew McIntyre (Summerslam)
6. Todo Americano (Hell in a Cell)
7. Dolph Ziggler (Nov. Week 4 Year 1 SD)
8. Kane (Elimination Chamber)
9: Kofi Kingston (Backlash)
Intercontinental Champion: William Regal (The Bash)
1. Raven (Dec. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
2. MVP (TLC)
3. Kane (Jan. Week 2 Year 1 SD)
4: Kofi Kingston (Mar. Week 1 Year 1 SD)
Hardcore Champion: The Miz (May Week 1 Year 2 SD)

1. The Hart Dynasty (Default)
2. John Morrison & R-Truth (The Bash)
3. The Hart Dynasty (Summerslam)
4. John Morrison & R-Truth (Hell in a Cell)
5. Straight Edge Society (Bragging Rights)
6: William Regal & Drew McIntyre (Elimination Chamber)
Unified Tag Team Champions: John Cena & Kofi Kingston