Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Winter Eternal Giveaway, Wicked Lies & Alibis Winners and


I feel, once again, incredibly blessed to offer my readers yet another opportunity to win a prize...in part because last month was the single highest traffic month in my blog's entire existence! How cool is that?

And that seems like a perfect segue to lead into my next giveaway...Just Insert Imagination is offering two digital copies of their new Savage Worlds setting Winter Eternal! Enter to win it now, and I will be back on Friday with a review of said setting!

What is Winter Eternal?

Winter Eternal is not a post apocalyptic setting. It's about what comes after the disaster, many years later when civilization is starting to thrive again.

When the sun exploded, the continent of Ehlerrac survived the wave of flames because it was on the night side of the planet. Then the earthquakes and tsunamis hit and thousands died as cities fell and the landscape were torn apart. The dark world started cooling rapidly and the survivors struggled to find food and shelter.

A group of Nature Wardens started camps and used their magic to grow food.  People of many different races came stumbling out of the darkness into these camps, grateful for the protection.

Now, hundreds of years later, the 6 camps are giant, cramped cities, heated and lit by magic. Two cities are underground and one is build on the inside edges of a chasm. The cities are now connected by enclosed roads called Archways and travel is now much safer.

A few years ago explorers came upon orange crystals in an old crater. When light shone on the crystals, it generated a massive amount of heat. Artificers are now using these "sunshards" to help Ehlerrac to take it's first tentative steps into an industrial and steam age.

This is an exciting time on Ehlerrac and its up to Savage worlds game groups to tell the stories of this dark, cold , but not dead world.

Enter now, and I will be back on Friday with my review of the setting!

How do you enter? Just drop me an email  at tommybrownell(a)gmail(dot)com with the subject Winter Eternal Giveaway, and in two weeks (cut off is 11:59 pm on May 18th), we will give away two copies at random!


But what of our Wicked Lies & Alibis giveaway? Two winners were selected at random to win full sets of cards and books from Imaginary Empire, and they are:

Patrick Clark and Tanner Roberts!

What about those that tried to guess my favorite detective? If you will recall, I said this: I could give you a hint about my favorite detective, but there's little I could say that would ring a bell. Given how short their career was, you would have better luck eating marshmallows and trying to pick out the planets in the sky. If I said anymore, I would butcher the spirit of this magical contest...so take your best guess.

Now, many of you wisely guess that I HAD, in fact, provided clues. In fact, several of you keyed on the words "butcher", "spirit" and "magical" and deduced that my favorite detective was one Harry Dresden.

A good guess, as I am a huge fan of The Dresden Files.

Unfortunately, like any good mystery, I peppered my clues with red herrings. In fact, a single person picked up on the word "marshmallows", then noticed "bell" and a reference to how short their career was (Dresden has now been actively published for many years)...though he missed the reference to planets, Jay Peters still correctly guessed that my favorite detective is the petite Veronica Mars, title character of the short lived show of the same name, teenage sleuth of Neptune High and - as noted in the pilot episode of the TV show - a real marshmallow, portrayed by Kristen Bell.
Veronica, with my favorite TV Dad, Keith Mars.
Thank you once again for everyone that participated, and to Imaginary Empire for sponsoring the contest! Now the rest of you, go pick up Wicked Lies & Alibis! It's worth it!