Friday, March 20, 2015

Half-Dozen Heroes: AMP Year One

So I haven't done this in a while, but I decided to do an installment of Half-Dozen Heroes, in which I have created six PCs for AMP: Year One, just to show off the system and options just a little bit.

Sound good? Right-click on the character sheets to blow them up.


Taking her AMP name from the Cherokee word for "Mother", Callie Standingbear is a Cherokee council member who is highly revered among her people. She lives for The Nation and she's willing to die for it, if she has to. She sad irony is that, as her power grows and as she becomes more and more attuned to bears, the more distant she becomes from her people...but Aluli will always watch over her tribe.

NOTES: I am part Cherokee, and so I figured I wanted a Cherokee in here. In basic concept, she's very similar to Thrasher from the core book. In practice, they are two completely different characters, a testament to the flexibility of the system and the options provided. She could have gained Claws from Chimera, but I wanted her to have more options with them, so I added it as a Secondary Power. The Tertiary power was in part because I thought a burrowing bear coming to kick your butt was just scary enough to use, and in part because it gives her a little more oomph than just taking Burrowing with Chimera.


Humphrey Marlowe was a private eye, and not a very good one, when he developed his powers. When he first picked up a murder weapon and saw the heinous act before his eyes, he cried tears of horror. The first time he picked up a fallen toy and was about to see - and track - the child's kidnapper, he cried tears of joy. When the Seekers of Enlightenment told him what he was, he was more than willing to join forces with them, using their network of resources to add to his own considerable connections. When The Seekers need information fast, Gumshoe is only a phone call away.

NOTES: I love the idea that the powers just kind of "enhance" something about the people, and there are powers that SCREAM "Private Detective". He's not getting into many fights, and when he does, he's packing heat...he doesn't intend to mess around. He always had the natural gifts for being a PI, he was just a bit...lost...until his powers awoke. Still wearing the stain of wrongly implicating a state senator of sexual assault, due to his over-enthusiasm, Gumshoe is working his way out from under his reputation, stringing together a virtually flawless run of investigations.

The man known only as "John Doe" was in a horrible building fire, and swears to this day that he died...and yet, he was the only survivor. Soon after, he realized that he could see spirits of the dead, and even give them rest. Then he realized that he could reanimate their bodies and use them as his servants. Calling himself Mortis, this new AMP has discovered that life and death have a whole new meaning for him.

NOTES: Unlike Charon from the corebook, Mortis only cares about putting the dead "to rest" if it can help him in some way. He never speaks about what his life was like before the accident, or why he was in the building in the first place...he's just morbidly obsessed with death and he leaves a trail of it wherever he goes. I intentionally left the third power blank, because I kind think Immortality from Year Two would slot in nicely there.

Lance Arthur is a valiant soul who truly believes that God granted him these powers in order to do good. A persuasive and commanding figure, the AMP known as Paladin will not stand for evil in his considerable presence, and will make himself a target in order to help the helpless. He is an extreme sucker for a pretty face, though, which could not ever possibly come back to haunt him, right?

NOTES: Lance Arthur is intended to be a clear reference to Lancelot and King Arthur, and Lancelot inspired the lecherousness as well. I also thought that such a classic good guy needed some kind of "dirty secret" without making him an outright bad guy. I don't mind my heroes having feet of clay, but I don't necessarily want them to be antiheroes. He hits most of the "good guy"qualities, focusing on Truth, Humanity, Justice and Community, and should win a bunch of fights as he's not a bad fighter at all, while being a pretty solid tank to harm.

Tandi Spencer was a brutal and efficient MMA fighter...and she only got better after her powers emerged. She knew she was different, but she kept it secret until she beat an opponent nearly to death one night. Confronted by agents of The Matriarch, who threatened to reveal her and destroy her, Raze now finds herself working as muscle for Typhoon, taking out her anger and aggression on targets of their choosing, all the while continuing to hone be better than her impulses...and to someday throw off their yoke.

NOTES: I threw Bleeder in to emulate lingering effects her body has suffered from years of punishment that her newfound Regeneration hasn't yet caught up with. Similarly, Bloodthirsty seems to run counter to her Discipline and Perfection Loyalties, but those are things she's struggling with. Being a member of Typhoon gives her new foes to fight, and an edge fighting them (Typhoon members gain an Initiative bonus against AMPs), but her long term arc ends either in rebelling against Typhoon and earning her freedom...or in a body bag.

Ryan Jansen is a stand-up comic who has never really felt like he fit in anywhere, hiding behind his laughter and growing more and more bitter about it. It actually got worse when the AMPs emerged, because he already felt like he was on the fringes of society, and in a world going mad, what hope did a guy like him have?

Then he found out he could turn into a dinosaur, and that was pretty cool. Now he's a member of The Changelings, and they often use his "fame" on the club circuit as an ice breaker for new recruits, because he can lighten the mood quickly with both his sense of humor and his Heartstrings power.

Oh, and he doesn't censor his AMP name. We're just being polite.

NOTES: A tribute to a friend of mine, What's better than a stand-up comic who can turn into a T-Rex?

I'm waiting...

So, six AMP: Year One characters. You still have time to enter the giveaway, and I will announce the winners on Tuesday's blogpost, when I also review the three AMP adventures that are out.

Thanks for reading!