Tuesday, March 10, 2015

AMP: Year One Giveaway and Year Two Kickstarter plus Fabled Environments and Connect Dice!

Todays blog post is about three Kickstarters and a sweet (if I do say so myself) giveaway.

Last year, Third Eye Games released AMP: Year One, their supers game set at the dawn of the rise of people with powers, called AMPs. The inspirations draw heavily from shows like Heroes, movies like Push and, of course, The X-Men (which heroes borrowed liberally from, so that makes sense). This is a setting in which powers are new and different and scary, and some people are embracing the change and others are looking out for themselves. The book, in addition to all the core rules, contained the Year One (2015) timeline for the setting.

Now, Year Two has hit Kickstarter and it is advancing the timeline, providing a look at how the world is reacting to AMPs and is leveling the playing field for SAPs (normal humans without powers). Now, I backed the Year One Kickstarter, as well as the Year Two Kickstarter, and I am just about to start an AMP Year One game for my son.

After talking to the nice folks at Third Eye Games (namely Eloy Lasanta and Jay Peters), we are going to provide you with a huge opportunity to check out AMP Year One ahead of the conclusion of the Year Two Kickstarter - absolutely free.

Beginning today, and running to 12:01 AM Central time on March 24th, 2015, we are giving away six digital copies of AMP: Year One, and one physical package including the corebook and pregenerated characters, to lucky readers of my blog. All you have to do is send me an email to tommybrownell(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject AMP: Year One Giveaway, and I will determine the winners at random. Honestly, the intent of the contest is that we hope you will read Year One, fall in love, and back the Year Two Kickstarter. Note: Due to prohibitive shipping costs, the physical package is for US winners only, sorry.

It's going to get fairly AMP heavy here for the next couple of weeks, as I am posting my review on Friday, a Half-Dozen Heroes of my own creation next Tuesday (so you can see the character options yourself), and an interview with Eloy the following Friday.

I'm pretty AMPed up about it all. (Sorry.)

So, win free stuff, try new games, support small press. What would it hurt?

Next up is the Fabled Environments Wild West Floor Plans Kickstarter. This is a series of digital Wild West maps, with entry points starting as low as $5, but with higher pledges that include old western soundtracks, old western paper minis and old western NPC character cards for Savage Worlds (all of that only running $25 combined). Definitely worth looking into for Deadlands fans.

The last Kickstarter is the Connect Dice program by Oriental Excess, LLC and Dark Skull Studios, an online tabletop with full Skype integration. It present, it is slated to be host dice games natively, but they discuss bringing board game companies on board for a broader tabletop experience.