Friday, February 27, 2015

Two More Good Causes (and How You Can Help)

So, the good news is that the bundle from Tuesday to raise money for Tammy Mansfield's funeral expenses has already been pulled, because the bundle actually hit the goal they needed to cover her expenses, and all thanks to the generosity of gamers (consumers and publishers alike).

Unfortunately, the gaming community has been rocked with more tribulations:
Persephonee Banks

Aaron Huss of Roleplayer's Chronicle and Mystical Throne Entertainment is trying to raise money to assist a very close friend who just suffered the absolutely crushing loss of his 5 1/2 month old daughter Persephonee. I read the story and it absolutely kills me. I have three children of my own and the thought of losing one of them is unfathomable to me.

Aaron has assembled an amazing RPG bundle (though that's not really the point), to help the Banks family through this most trying time. Accursed, Shadowrun 5th Edition, Necropolis 2350, Lowlife, even the War/World of the Dead series that I had the pleasure of working on. Fantastic products, $20, a kind gesture for a family that is facing the worst kind of Hell right now.

You can find the bundle here and read Persephonee's story here.

The d20 community is rallying around one of their own as well, Joe Flores. Joe has been diagnosed with a hereditary liver defect that has given him cirrhosis. He now needs a liver transplant, and the great people at are hosting a big bundle, with the proceeds going to Joe's GoFundMe account. $10 for $110 worth of product.

If you can, help. If you can't, spread the word to people who can.


And I promise I'll try to get back to the business of reviewing RPGs next week, but I believe that this stuff is important, and if I can help get that word out, I should.