Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Tragic Situation And A Call To Arms

The larger roleplaying game community tends to do a pretty good job of pulling together when it needs to, and word came out recently that an acquaintance of mine suffered a horrible, horrible tragedy.

On February 18th, Jonathan M. Thompson of Battlefield Press suddenly lost his girlfriend Tammy Mansfield. He is currently struggling to gather the funds to pay for her funeral expenses. Well, a number of wonderful gaming industry professionals pulled together and donated product to a charity bundle to raise money for the expenses:

One of our own suffered a Critical Hit recently, and this bundle is our way of trying to give him a hand up.

Jonathon Thompson, owner of Battlefield Press, lost his girlfirend a few days ago to an unexpected heart attack. Not only is this a devastating blow, but it is also an extremely expensive one. We're going to help soak up some of that damage.

Almost $400 dollars worth of fantastic gaming products for a mere $30! From Shaintar and Suzerain to the world of the Tarnished Souk, and Tunse'al there are realms and adventures and add ons guaranteed to kick your game up a notch. Just take a look at the companies that have come together in suport of Jonathn in his time of need:

Stygian Fox, Savage Mojo, Rite Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, Miskatonic River Press, DSL Ironworks, Arc Dream Publishing, Applied Vectors, Obatron Productions, and Evil Beagle Games!

The entirety of the royalties from this bundle will help defray the unexpected costs of Tammy's funeral.

So grab a bundle, step up your game, and help one of our community through a really rough patch. How can you lose?

You can find that bundle here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/144869/In-memory-of-Tammy-Mansfield-BUNDLE

Additionally, Brandon Blackmoor has said that anyone who provides proof of purchasing this bundle can receive a free PDF of his superhero RPG, Bulletproof Blues.

Additionally, the Amarillo Design Bureau has released a special edition of their Prime Directive d20 Modern rulebook, whose proceeds are also going to assist Jonathan with his girlfriend's funeral expenses.

Some great deals on some great games for a great cause. Let's help a guy out.