Thursday, January 24, 2013

The End?

It looks like the hard drive is completely shot, meaning I lost the majority of the entrants into the contest, as well as everything else.

My apologies to everyone that entered, as well as the sponsors, but I don't see a way to proceed fairly, especially since I have no computer, and I have discovered that I hate typing more than a few sentences on my tablet.

As it stands, this blog is - for all intents and purposes - dead. Maybe it will rise again, but I no longer have reliable means to maintain it, nor do I have the material to continue it. I have no plans to take it down, but this is pretty much it from here on out.

My apologies to the contest entrants, the sponsors and any publisher I had a promise to review for. Believe me, this is killing me far more than it is you.


  1. Sorry to hear about your hard drive. I presume the entrants content wasn't synced to a service like Google Drive?

    Did you try a bluetooth keyboard and the official Blogger app?

    1. All of the entrants were downloaded locally through my ISP e-mail. Given that I know many entrants are not regular readers of the blog, I don't know what avenue I could use to get them to resend.

  2. I have always enjoyed your reviews. I am sorry to see you go.

  3. Oh man that sucks. Even if it doesn't help with the contest, I second the recommendation for a Bluetooth or USB keyboard that works with your tablet. I bought a cheap faux-leather carrying case with built in USB keyboard and kickstand for my Android tablet, and it has increased my device's usefulness to my everyday life 1000 fold.

  4. damn, dude. sorry to see you drop everything like this. been stealth reading you via RSS for a long time.

  5. Sorry to see you close up shop. I've enjoyed your reviews and your other writings. Thanks for everything.

  6. Have you tried any recover software or is the drive chunking/not spinning?

  7. That is sad to hear, I liked to read Tommy's take and you rother articels. I may be ignorant and such but can`t you replace the harddrive? Do a funding run or so to get a new one? That wont fix the stuff you lost of course but at least may enable you to continue forward and redownload the PDFs where applicable? Sudden hardware failure really sucks. Are you sure your ISP does not keep copies of your email on the server? Just asking because with most mail providers here one can use IMAP to mirror Emails only instead of pulling them off the server. In any case, I would be glad to help in any way I can and if it is financially.

  8. Sorry to hear. My thoughts go out to you.

  9. damn. Sorry, Tommy.
    If you want to do a semi-regular Reviewer's Column on the podcast, I'd love to have you on.

  10. Well, crap...

    I know it's rough being a Savage Worlds blogger, and this kind of computer disaster is enough to discourage anyone. I have an HP tablet, and it is a huge pain to blog on. I had to deactivate the autocorrect to get it even barely functional and even then it's really only good for inputting text.

    I've been hoping for months to get that "A Touch of Evil" boardgame to RPG conversion. Maybe I'll have to do it myself now. Thanks for introducing me to that game!