Sunday, September 9, 2012

Savage Mojo presents DUNGEONLANDS

Savage Mojo is pleased to announce DUNGEONLANDS, our upcoming killer dungeon set in the First Age of Relic, our fantasy realm, where your heroes will answer a call through time and space to rescue an angel imprisoned by the Lich-Queen.

Her Tomb is littered with the bones of all the heroes that came before. Her Machine spews forth endless hordes of chaos. Her Palace will hold your finest hour...or your crushing defeat.

The first Savage Mojo release produced for both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds, DUNGEONLANDS combines the epic adventure you've come to love from Savage Suzerain with classic, old school dungeons that have shaped the foundations of fantasy gaming.

  • Savage Mojo will host a 24 hour online Design Party beginning at 9pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 14th and running to 9pm Eastern Time on Saturday the 15th. Utilizing a combination of livestream, online chats, whiteboards, blog posts and social media, the Savage Mojo Design Team will publicly create a new supplement for DUNGEONLANDS live and on the internet!
  • DUNGEONLANDS will be the focus of the very first Savage Mojo Kickstarter, as we move to bring this ambitious project to print. Being far more than a single book, DUNGEONLANDS is our most ambitious product to date, with map tiles by Alida Saxon, random dungeon tiles and card decks for random exploration encounters!
  • During the 24 Hour Design Party, Savage Mojo will be holding open auditions for the role of our Pathfinder rules guru! Love Pathfinder? Want to be a part of the most ambitious Savage Mojo project to date? Show us what you’ve got during the 24 Hour Design Party! Check out our Facebook, Twitter (@SavageMojo) and Google+ for more information!
  • Each version (Pathfinder and Savage Worlds) will be designed to give you the best old school killer dungeon experience for each system!