Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dungeonlands Kickstarter and Heroes & Servitors

The 24 Hour Design Party is complete, and the Dungeonlands Kickstarter is live!

Here is release info on the Kickstarter:


Savage Mojo's Old School Killer Dungeon which will be released in both Savage Worlds and Pathfinder versions.

Savage Mojo is pleased to announce DUNGEONLANDS, our upcoming killer dungeon set in the First Age of Relic, our fantasy realm, where your heroes will answer a call through time and space to rescue an angel imprisoned by the Lich-Queen.

Her Tomb is littered with the bones of all the heroes that came before. Her Machine spews forth endless hordes of chaos. Her Palace will hold your finest hour...or your crushing defeat.

The first Savage Mojo product produced for both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds, DUNGEONLANDS combines the epic adventure you've come to love from Savage Suzerain with classic, old school dungeons that have shaped the foundations of fantasy gaming.

There's an award-winning development team behind our Dungeonlands line, including writers John Wick (Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Houses of the Blooded and Lee Szczepanik, Jr (War of the Dead; artists Jason Engle (, Jim Pavelec (, Aaron Acevedo (, Alida Saxon (; and Savage Mojo (, ENnie and Origins Award winning publishers of Suzerain roleplaying games, Gamescapes roleplaying game accessories, and Brainradio fiction.

We're raising funds to create two books (one for Pathfinder rules and another for Savage Worlds) and a wide variety of accessories too: character cards, monster cards, a full soundtrack, tile maps for the entire dungeon, and more! We have a lot of great pledge rewards, including commissions from Jason Engle, custom tile map sets personalized for your game, or even illustrated fiction based on your character! Look for more on these and other rewards in the coming updates.

Funding Goal: $5,000
Deadline: October 14th.


They came from all corners of the universe,
heroes to defeat the Lich Queen
and free an angel from the Dungeonlands.

They came from all corners of the universe,
servitors of vile alien gods to protect the Lich Queen
and keep an angel imprisoned in the Dungeonlands.

High Fantasy; Epic Conflict

Heroes & Servitors is a book of pre-generated characters, ready to play
with backstories written. Get straight into the action. And for GMs,
there’s an evil, twisted version of each character, together with a premade
fiendish dungeon encounter especially for them. However you
mix them up, they’re bound to enliven your killer dungeon experience.

This is a product for the Savage Worlds rules system and Savage Suzerain. A Pathfinder version is in development.
A copy of Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen is recommended to
make the most of this book.

Heroes & Servitors was created by the Savage Mojo crew over a 24 period as the end result of the Savage Mojo 24 Hour Design Party.