Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Almost Time...

Last January, I had the idea to do both Tommy's Top Six and the Birthday Blog Giveaway.

What that entailed was this: I selected the six products I reviewed over the course of the first year of the blog that stood out to me the most and gave them an extra special spotlight. Then, thanks to the kindness of the publishers selected for the Top Six, I was able to give out ten prizes related to the Top Six as party of the Birthday Blog Giveaway, commemorating both the Top Six and the one year anniversary of the blog.

On January 1st, the blog turns 2 years old, and I will once again unveil the Top Six (culled from December 18th last year - the previous cut-off date - through December 17th of this year. So, come January 1st, I will revisit the six titles that stood out to me the most, and give you my opinion as to why they deserve special consideration. In addition, all six selected publishers have once again stepped up, and the Birthday Blog Giveaway will commence, with eight prizes at stake. I'm very excited...not only that the publishers are kindly donating prizes to the blog, but because my blog is actually making it to its second birthday!

So...come on back January 1st to see what joins BASH Ultimate Edition, High Valor, Interface Zero, Leverage, War of the Dead and Wu Xing as Top Six selections and learn how you can win some fantastic prizes!