Thursday, December 29, 2011

Apocalypse Prevention Inc and Streets of Bedlam Kickstarters

Just a quick note tonight about two Kickstarter programs that I think you all should be aware of, and that I plan on contributing to, if I can budget them in (and I am really hoping I can).

Apocalypse Prevention Inc., by Third Eye Games, is releasing their South America region book, which will cover South America (of course), and include new demons (including playable ones), equipment and tattoo magic. You can check out their Kickstarter page here. Also, there had better be a creepy tentacle creature, or I will feel ripped off. To read more about Apocalypse Prevention Inc., check out my reviews here. API Worldwide: South America, is still about $80 shy of their goal at this writing, with little more than two weeks remaining.

The other Kickstarter is a Savage Worlds setting by Jason L. Blair of Little Fears, called Streets of Bedlam. This one HAS already been funded, but looks pretty great, so I hope to get in on the action. Some of the inspirations cited for the game include the movies The Warriors, Payback and Four Brothers, and Jason has some unique ideas about how to model the world in the Savage Worlds rules, including using the race creation rules to provide Archetypes like Samaritans and Pushers. A full Plot Point campaign will be included, and the Interrogation rules should be a thing of beauty (something I asked about in the Beautiful Brains chat the other night, as you can inadvertently force a "false positive" while pushing your mark in interrogation). You can read more about Streets of Bedlam here.