Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State of the Blog

Content-wise, this last month sucked.

Putting it bluntly.

I'm working two jobs which are devouring a lot of my time, more than they should for the return on the investment, in fact...that said, given how little money I actually make, hopefully something will come along soon that will let me go back to the "one job" category.

Because when that happens, I get to review more books, work on more comic projects, properly promote contests and look into self publishing short fiction, making me a very happy panda in general.

Going from 25 posts last month to 8 this month is unacceptable for me, and I am constantly working to rejigger my schedule and try to allow for more content. I have several promised reviews still in the queue, and *anything* I have been comped will get reviewed in some form, be it a full-blown review broadcast across the internet, part of my mini review packs or just an entry on the RPGnow website.

My next Big Review is War of the Dead Chapter One by Daring Entertainment, with a few more major projects in the queue behind it.

I have more "mini reviews" coming over the next week or so, namely more of Misfit Studios' mini releases for Savage Worlds and Vigilance Press' WWII material for ICONS.

The Realms of Cthulhu contested ended with one entry, and I blame that at least in part because of my inactivity on the blog...but Carl Hickman won, and I'll upload his scenario for Savage Worlds fans sometime in October.

Anyway, for those who have been popping back in, thanks for doing so. Hopefully October will look a lot more like August and lot less like September, content wise.