Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wicked Lies & Alibis Giveaway, plus the Age of Arthur Winners!

Imaginary Empire, maker of EPOCH, has offered to sponsor a fantastic contest to promote their new game, Wicked Lies & Alibis, a murder mystery party game in which you create your characters at the table with the aid of a card deck, and the GM/Facilitator serves as The Great Detective, attempting to figure out just which one of you did it.

I have a full review coming on Friday, but you have the opportunity to score a copy of Wicked Lies & Alibis as part of our latest giveaway, running from RIGHT NOW, until 12:01 am on May 5th!

All you have to do is this: Send me an email (subject: The Great Detective) to tommybrownell(a)gmail(dot)com, and tell me who your favorite Great Detective is, whether they are classic or contemporary, or whether they come from book, film or small screen...which detective do you enjoy the most? Two people, selected at random, will not only get PDFs of the game, but will also receive printed copies of the rulebook and card deck, courtesy of Imaginary Empire!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL: You should also include your guess as to who MY favorite Great Detective is. Why? If the luck of the draw fails you, and you can guess my favorite detective, you score a free PDF of the rulebook and card deck!

I could give you a hint about my favorite detective, but there's little I could say that would ring a bell. Given how short their career was, you would have better luck eating marshmallows and trying to pick out the planets in the sky. If I said anymore, I would butcher the spirit of this magical contest...so take your best guess.

So, to recap: Send me an email with both your favorite Great Detective, and try to take a wild guess at mine...and score a free game - two copies of which will be in print! Because why not?

And now for our two Age of Arthur winners:

1) WolfSamurai
2) frayedknot

Congratulations, guys, and thanks once again to Paul Mitchener and Wordplay Games for sponsoring this giveaway!