Friday, February 15, 2013

At Last...Winners!

Through the delays of a dead hard drive and using the magic of the Invisible Castle online die roller, the winners of the contest by our wonderful sponsors are ready to be announced! And they are:

1. Joe (Mutant Epoch Print and PDF)
2. Jonathan Rose (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)
3. Bifford the Youngest (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)
4. Tim Razler (Savage Worlds Deluxe)
5. Emlyn Freeman (Marvel Heroic Civil War)
6. Adam Baulderston (tremulus)
7. Stephen King (Little Fears Nightmare Edition Bundle)
8. Jimmie Bise Jr (Reclamation)
9. Pat Estes (Cyberpunk Locations Set)
10. M L (Cyberpunk Locations Set)
11. Greg (Cyberpunk Locations Set)

The winners and the sponsors have been notified! Thank you once again to everyone that entered, all the sponsors that supported the contest and everyone that compelled me to push to get things back on track when the computer went down.  With any luck, we'll do this again next year!