Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: We Lived!

This time last year, I wrote a "Year in Review" post, so I'm doing that again. This is about more than just the blog, or gaming, but about me in general in the year 2012.

I said last year that I didn't feel wildly optimistic or pessimistic going into 2012, and I did experience several ups and downs. We had a few frustrating financial setbacks, while I plowed ahead at work and got a promotion, which had the very awesome effect of getting my wife health insurance for the first time in a while. We also moved, this time into the nicest place we've lived at since we've been married.

I released a couple of new comic books, rebranding Hellrazer to The Chronicles of Rachel Strand, and took on a new comic writing gig with another company called Plan B Comics. Johnnie and I ended the webcomic version of Rachel Strand, focusing instead on print releases.

I continued working for Daring Entertainment as a freelance editor, while moving into a bigger role with Savage Mojo, helping to guide the larger marketing presence. I was also recently offered a writing gig for another Savage Worlds licensee.

For the first time in a long time, I actually got to game again, as we resumed our Necessary Evil campaign and have taken it near its ultimate conclusion. I also began teaching my son Marvel SAGA, and we played in a couple of games with him as Spider-Man (his favorite superhero).

I made a couple of appearances on Mike Lafferty's BAMF Podcast, including playing a demo game of Fiasco (which I've never gotten to play a full game of, yet), and was supposed to make a couple of more appearances, but we've never gotten the schedule worked out for us.

The blog also saw its first guest post, a playtest report of tremulus by Jimmy Bise, Jr.

I still have not finished Max Monkey, the albatross hanging from my neck. Need to finally put that thing to rest once and for all.

I did get to be a guest of honor at SoonerCon, though, and that was a great experience.

As I look into 2013, here are some things I have in mind:

- Keep the blog rolling. A few months ago, I felt a bit upset at how...neglected...the blog had felt. The fact is, at the end of the day, of all the writing I do, the blog is the only thing that's really mine. I can't let that falter.

- Keep the comics coming. This one is harder to pull off, due to the fact that more than just myself is involved in the making of comics...but I still have to keep pushing forward.

- I plan to open a new fiction blog in January. The goal is 12 short stories next a month. I won't post them on this blog, so as not to confuse anything too much, but hopefully they will be fun writing exercises.

- Keep gaming. Necessary Evil is almost finished, and we began working on porting our old Midnight game to Savage Worlds this weekend. We definitely need to get some Deadlands going, too. I bought me a tablet recently (an Asus Transformer), so hopefully I can use more of my gaming PDFs at the game table.

- FINALLY finish Max Monkey, and then figure out what the future holds for the character.

I hope you had more good than bad in 2012, and I hope 2013 brings you happiness and success.

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