Friday, November 23, 2012

Camp Myth, Land of Fire and War of the Dead Kickstarters

It's holiday crunch time, and I'm dealing with electronics failures around the house, as well as missing work due to holidays, plus my kid's birthday just passing and Christmas around the corner, so I'm having to back off of supporting any Kickstarters financially for the time being, much as I'd like to.

That said, I can sure point them out to you, so here's a trifecta of Kickstarters I feel deserve your support:

Camp Myth by Third Eye Games

Using the same system found in Mermaid Adventures, Camp Myth seems to be a good alternate for those guys who were looking for an RPG for their kids, but found Mermaid Adventures to be a hard sell. In Camp Myth, you play a mythical creature attempting to score merit badges by doing things like Kraken Fishing, Golem Building and Unicorn Taming. Honestly, it sounds really cool. With 9 days left to go, it still needs nearly $2,000, however.

$15 gets you the book in PDF, along with the Phoenix Watching e-book, while $35 gets you the print version.

Hellfrost: Land of Fire by Triple Ace Games

Honestly, I'm hard pressed to find a better example of a small press publisher with a track record for both content and quality than Paul Wade-Williams (better known as Wiggy), but Land of Fire, the Arabian Nights expansion for the amazing Savage Worlds setting Hellfrost, is still about 4,000 lbs pounds shy of its goal with 14 days left. Hellfrost, like most of Triple Ace Games' material, is pretty amazing and I have little doubt that Wiggy would work his magic again with Arabian Nights.

7 pounds (about $11, I think) will get you the PDF, while you can get the PDF and an adventure for 16 pounds or the print version for 38 pounds.

World of the Dead by Daring Entertainment

Okay, I want to see this come to fruition for a few reasons...1) I think it'll be great and 2) there's a fair chance I'll be working on the book (I AM listed on the Kickstarter team). World of the Dead is the full blown setting book and Plot Point Campaign follow up to War of the Dead, the expansive, 52 week zombie apocalypse adventure saga. World of the Dead is over halfway funded with 27 days left to go.

$12 scores you World of the Dead in PDF, $25 gets you that and an exclusive adventure, $40 gets you the hardcover and an alternate adventure opening and $50 is the extravaganza, getting you World of the Dead, War of the Dead and The Paper Dead...and if you go to $60, you can complete a trilogy with that exclusive adventure from the $25 level. It's pretty much the perfect page to feed your Walking Dead obsession.