Monday, July 2, 2012

The Michael Rohan Memorial Bundle

From Fabled Environments:

Fabled Environments is proud to announce a Charity Bundle to benefit the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund. This bundle, slated to be released July 2nd through OneBookshelf (DrivethruRPG/ contains great submissions from Pinnacle Entertainment Group(the folks that brought us Savage Worlds), Fat Goblin Games, Reality Blurs and others. There is even amazing original artwork from Aaron Acevedo.

The Michael Rohan Memorial Fund

On June 10th of this year, the Creative Director of Silver Gryphon Games, Kevin Rohan, lost his 6-year-old son in the aftermath of a tragic accident while swimming at a local water park. This loss has deeply affected the Rohan family as well as the friends of the Rohans and hundreds of families that they are close to and through out the community.

Seeking to turn this tragedy into community outreach, the Rohan family has decided to start the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund which will be used to help pay for swimming lessons for local families, assistance for CPR and lifeguard training, as well as help with grief counseling in the wake of a tragic loss. There are plans for more and bigger things as well, and with the appropriate funding we will be able to achieve some great things and extend our assistance beyond just our local communities. 100% of the money raised through this bundle will go to the fund and will allow us to begin helping other families almost immediately.

My thoughts:

The Rohans have been truly inspirational with how they have worked to make a horrible tragedy into a positive for the world. Support this bundle, please...not because it's $176 worth of amazing products for only $12, but because it's a good thing to do...the rest is just icing on the cake.

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