Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deadlands Noir, or Take My Money, Please

So Pinnacle had been teasing a new setting by John Goff recently, and when they pulled the trigger on it, it was bigger than I had thought: Deadlands Noir. The Deadlands timeline moved up to 1935 and, presumably, wearing the trappings of both the Weird West and hard-boiled noir. Even more impressively, the Kickstarter has almost doubled the goal in less than a day.

I am a Deadlands fanboy. I dig noir. Needless to say, I am absolutely pumped. With pledge goals that include PDFs ($20), hardcovers ($50), a special deck of cards ($75), unique bennies ($125) and a retailer package that includes copies of Deadlands Noir, Savage Worlds, maps and more, there are plenty of options, and yes, I plan on pledging (trying to figure out if I can budget in the deck of cards). Very awesome, and very unexpected, announcement from Pinnacle.