Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Me, Savage Mojo and This Blog

So, effective yesterday or so, I came to terms with Savage Mojo to become their Social Media Manager. Essentially, I will becoming their public face, especially in the realm of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, game forums, that sort of thing). As many of you know, a while back I began a working relationship with them as their "Savage Campaign Guru", at which point I ceased things like doing reviews of Savage Mojo products (due to conflict of interest - even if I hadn't worked on the products in question).

I feel very positive about this step (especially as the sole working parent in the household, with my wife becoming a stay at home mom about a year ago), and I look forward to helping Savage Mojo grow into its rightful place, in my view, among the game publisher's pantheon.

What does that mean for this blog? Honestly, not much. Yeah, I'll talk more about Savage Mojo, but any time I have new projects coming out, you're going to hear about it (I mean, I'm going to beat you all to death with Hellrazer until you jump on the bandwagon, and I'm VERY pumped about the expected releases by Daring Entertainment this year). I'm still going to review games because, well, I love roleplaying games...I love playing them, I love reading them, I love informing people about them, and I do my level best to inform you of them without an agenda (at least until Tommy's Top Six rolls around every year).

I am very, very excited about the turns my life has taken, professionally and personally, over the last couple of years, and I look forward to sharing many more positive developments with you in the months to come. To that end, if you need to reach me for anything Savage Mojo related, drop me a line at

Stay tuned later this week for my review of Bedrock Games' alternate history RPG Servants of Gaius, but first, take a peek at the new Suzerain promo video we uploaded this weekend and swing by RPGNow right now and use the code WhenIrishDiceAreRollin to get 20% off of Caladon Falls until April 10th!