Monday, February 20, 2012

Precis Intermedia 666 Sale Begins!

I do a horrible job of keeping up with all the sales and deals and bargains that people put out, but I do try...unfortunately, I'm a pretty disorganized human being sometimes. Anyway, I wanted to make a point of directing your attention to the Precis Intermedia Games "666" sale. Precis Intermedia is the maker of some fantastic games like Ghostories, Iron Gauntlets, Stormrift, Bold & Brave and Two-Fisted Tales, as well as the owners of Masterbook, Shatterzone and Bloodshadows...and their "666" sale is where their "defect" books are marked down to $6.66.

Now, I've bought a copy of Iron Gauntlets from Precis Intermedia during a 666 sale, and frankly, I wrote Brett Bernstein an e-mail to ensure that he didn't accidentally send me the wrong book, because I couldn't find anything wrong. Apparently, the text was off-center a bit or something. I STILL have no idea why it was marked down, but I got a fantastic deal for it.

The sale pretty much runs while he has "defect" overstock, and this stuff tends to go quickly, so pop on over. He's got a few things up now and more items going up later Tuesday. I recommend that you don't miss out.