Monday, January 30, 2012

VIP Wrestling: "Legendary" Rock Vargas and "Walking Tall" Floyd Rogers

A while back I reviewed the Wild World Wrestling game, and being a wrestling fan, decided to add some stuff to it, namely some write-ups for a promotion (although, if you feel so inclined, you can certainly use these guys on your own).

VIP Wrestling is a small promotion largely controlled by "The Legendary" Rock Vargas, leader of the VIP Elite. Vargas is a wily veteran who isn't afraid to use any tactic to get ahead, often using his influence and resources to stack the odds against his opponents before the match, and using brutal foreign objects like "The Spike" over the course of the match. This is incredibly frustrating to many observers, because Vargas is a savvy, intelligent wrestler who probably doesn't need to resort to these vile tactics in most cases. Still, better safe than sorry, he supposes.

Vargas is often joined by his brash, arrogant protege "Bad Boy" Jimmy Lee and their brutal muscle "The Juggernaut" Leonidas Contreras. The VIP Elite often compete in six man and handicap matches, and Vargas is known to use Contreras and Lee as his "gatekeepers" when foes come after him. Vargas' attitude that he, and he alone, determines what comprises the "Elite" of pro wrestling has a way of turning off the fans as well as other wrestlers...when they're not trying to impress him.

Vargas often ensures that referees look the other way when he's driving "The Spike" into his opponent's head (or other body part), which infuriates the fans. He often uses the Rocksault to soften up the opponent, in which he grabs the top rope and flips over them onto the opponent with a rolling senton, generally completing the roll up to his feet. He prefers to finish matches with THE BIG FINISH, however, a flying sunset flip off the top rope, and a holdover from his younger, crowd favorite days.

Name: "Legendary" Rock Vargas
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 219 lbs
Weight Mod: 0
Attitude: Heel
Level: 11
Star Power:

Ath: +2
Brw: 0
Flr: +4
Ins: +3
Pow: 0

Athletics +2
Deception +5
 Athletic Moves +5
 Brawling Moves
 Flair Moves +5
 Power Moves
 Technical Moves
 Specialty Match (Cage Match): +5
 Tag Team
Performance +4
Presence +2
Special Talent

Gimmick Enhancements
Attribute Improvement (3)
Close Call
(TB) Finisher
Heat Machine
Leverage: Athleticism
(TB) MF/Athletic
MF/Improvised Weapons
(TB) MF/Instinct
Maneuver Training (5)
Resources (3)
Ring Sense (Instinct)
Signature Move (2)
Stacking the Deck (2)
Training Background


Signature Move
Rocksault (Athletic): Damage D6 (-1), +1 Damage Die (-2) Exertion (+1), Requires Prone Target (+1), Signature Move (+2), Stunning Self if Missed (+1). Total Modifier: +2

The Spike (Improvised Weapon Keyed to Flair): Damage (2)d6 (-1), Extra Die of Damage (-2), Illegal (+1), Signature Move (+2). Total Modifier: 0

The Big Finish (Athletic): Damage (2)d6 (-1), Exertion (+3), Finisher Name (+1), Immediate Pin Attempt on Knockdown (-1), Knockdown (-1), Requires Lifting (+1), Stunning Self if Missed (+1). Total Modifier: +3

Vargas' biggest and baddest enemy is the hard-nosed, no-nonsense common man known as "Walkin' Tall" Floyd Rogers. Rogers, a burly, blond haired badass who takes no prisoners vows to each and every one of his opponents that he will "Walk tall and stomp a mudhole in your ass." Rogers, who has very few friends, is known to carry a big ax handle to the ring and has lost more than one match because he decided to tee off on his opponents. He's not a flashy performer by any stretch, but he riles the crowd up by entering the arena through the general admission entrance, ax handle held high, slapping hands as he goes.

Rogers has learned a trick or two from Vargas over the years, and has gotten better and better at misdirecting the referee so he can hit a HARD LINE DRIVE on his opponent with the ax handle. More and more, he's come to rely on his Stand and Deliver Spinebuster to inflict serious damage on his opponents, and to sometimes even score the pin.

Rogers is a big, strong guy who can take a beating, but he's also pretty one dimensional and he has a tendency to get a little overconfident, knowing the amount of punishment that he can take.

Name: "Walkin' Tall" Floyd Rogers
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 260 lbs
Weight Mod: +2
Attitude: Face
Level: 10
Star Power:

Ath: -1
Brw: +3
Flr: +1
Ins: +1
Pow: +2

Athletics +3
Deception +2
 Athletic Moves
 Brawling Moves +5
 Flair Moves
 Power Moves +5
 Technical Moves
 Roster +2
 Specialty Match:
 Tag Team
Perception +2
Performance +2
Presence +2
Special Talent

Gimmick Enhancements
Amazing Recuperative Power
Attribute Enhancement (3)
Catch Phrase ("I'm gonna walk tall and stomp a mudhole in your ass!")
Hardcore (2)
High Pain Threshold (3)
MF/Improvised Weapons
Monster Comeback
No Sell (3)
Potent Strike (Brawler)
Ring Rage
Signature Move
Spectacular Entrance


Signature Move
Stand and Deliver (Spinebuster): Modifiers: 3d6 damage (-5), immediate pin attempt (–1), prone self (+1), requires lifting (+1), Signature Move (+2)
Total Modifier: -2

Hard Line Drive (Improvised Weapon Keyed to Brawn): Modifiers: 3d8 damage (–6), exertion: 4 Fatigue (+2), Finisher Name (+1), illegal: automatic DQ (+2), knockdown (–1), stunning (-2).
Total Modifier: -4