Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tommy's Take on Lucha Libre USA 7/23/10

- Alright...Week 2 of LUCHA LIBRE USA!

- Solid is in the dressingroom with...Supernova?

- The mysterious lucha that attacked last week shows up and ticks off Solid. He's definitely American.  Lizmark Jr. attacks both men and leaves them laying.

- The ring girls head to the ring carrying US and Mexican flags.

- RJ Brewer has a prerecorded message and he's taking on Magno in the main event.

- Lizmark Jr. teams with the new guy, SydiStiko against Charley Malice and Supernova in the first round of the Tag Team Title Tournament.


- Lujo Esquire was the guy in the video last week.  Huh.  Apparently he's a technico.  Rellik was known in WCW as Johnny the Bull.  He had a short run in TNAas Rellik, as well.  The minis are starting off.  Octagoncito takes Misteriocito down but misses a dropkick.  Lots of armdrags.  Lujo Esquire amd Rellik enter the ring, Rellik shrugging off attacks.  Lujo's a little taller, Rellik's bigger.  Esquire ducks a clothesline, Rellik ducks a big boot and hits the flying shoulder!  The minis dive on the big men, and each mini gets caught and rammed into the ringpost.  Esquire gets the upperhand in the ring...but Rellik hits a superkick!  Ground and pound on Esquire and he's biting him!  Snap suplex by Rellik.  He's wearing a heavy elbow brace.  Misteriocito is attacking Lujo Esquire, to no avail, but Rellik attacks.  Irish whip into the corner and Esquire runs up the buckles!  Huge elbow!  Boot to Misteriocito!  The technicos dive onto the heels!  Octagoncito with a cross body on Misteriocito, but Misteriocito rolls through!  Kickout!  Octagoncito with an Onryo Clutch!  He gets the pin!

Winners: LUJO ESQUIRE & OCTAGONCITO via pinfall on MISTERIOCITY (Onryo Clutch)

- Okay match...the minis looked sloppy and the big guys lacked any real energy.

- The technicos are still celebrating after the break.

- Backstage interviewer Rebecca Reyes is interviewing SydiStiko, who claims that he didn't touch Solid.

- Charley Malice is checking on Super Nova, who is coming to the ring for the match tonight.


- Remember when Lizmark Jr. was a cruiserweight?  Charley Malice was known in Mexico as Charley Manson and looks a LOT like Marilyn Manson.  Super Nova is still selling his injuries.  Malice and SydiStiko to start.  Quick reversals and Sydistiko goes down.  Sydistiko goes to the eyes!  Super Nova and Lizmark in the ring now, and Lizmark takes him down and hits a legdrop!  The rudos are taking over, choking Super Nova in the ropes and beating Malice down in the corner.  Seated dropkick on Malice.  Lizmark sets Super Nova in the ropes and kicks him in the hamstring!  Rudos must be booking this company because the technicos always look weak.  Sydistiko sends Malice out of the ring and dominates Super Nova.  Super Nova rallies against Sydistiko and then Lizmark!  Malice and Super Nova take Lizmark down!  Super Nova dives on him!  Sydistiko attacks Malice, but Malice gets the upperhand with a dropkick!  Cross body!  Sydistiko bails and Malice dives onto him!  Malice attacks Lizmark!  Double team on Sydistiko!  Rellik comes out and distracts Malice!  Sydistiko sends Super Nova into Malice, knocking him out of the ring!  Lizmark with a tilt-a-whirl slam on Super Nova!!

Winners: SYDISTIKO & LIZMARK JR via pinfall on SUPER NOVA (tilt a whirl slam)

- Is Rellik aligned with Lizmark and Sydistiko, who is aligned with Tinieblas Jr and Neutronic?

- Good match other than the faces spending too much time looking like tools.

- Back from the break and Lizmark and Sydistiko are still beating on Super Nova!  Malice in with the save...but he's being beat down!  Marco Corleone making the save!

- Recap of Tigressa Caliente powerbombing Mini Park for Chi Chi to score the pin.

- Chi Chi and Tigressa are working out when Mini Park shows up confronting Tigressa.  She's ignoring him.  Now she attacks Mini Park and beats him down!  Rebeccca Reyes is interviewing her next.

- Apparently Reyes doesn't watch the show.  Tigressa calls Mini Park annoying.  Luckily, she didn't want to kill Mini Park, just hurt him.

- Nice patriotic video by RJ Brewer.  "I cut lawns, because I wanted to, not because I had to."  He's implying that his mom is Governor Jan Brewer.  RJ Brewer: Building Fences, Not Bridges.

- He confronts Magno and a couple of other technicos.  "I'm dressed like a pro wrestler, you're dressed like you're going to a circus."  Brewer takes a swing at Magno who ducks and tosses some obviously worked punches and kicks.  Apparently they are brawling to the ring.

- Yup.  The fight is spilling out into the stage.  Magno dives off the stage onto Brewer!


- Springboard somersault senton onto Brewer!  Magno is dominating!  Scoop slam!  Magno is working the crowd.  Standing moonsault!  Irish whip by Brewer and Magno flips over the top rope!  Tries to fancy his way back in and Brewer spikes him.  Benoit like elbow.  Big suplex by Brewer.  Magno rallies back with kicks and punches!  Sleeperhold is countered with a back suplex!  Brewer is going up!  He refuses!  Choking Magno instead!  Brewer rolls through a sunset flip and gets a sharpshooter!  Magno is fighting to the ropes!  He gets it!  He's going after the mask now!  Brewer hammers Magno down!  Untying the mask!  Ref keeps warning him off!  European uppercut.  Flapjacl out of nowhere by Magno!  Some odd clotheslines.  High hiptoss!  Brewer stops Magno with an elbow, but Magno backdrops him when he charges!  Magno moonsaults over Brewer and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker!  Ropeflip moonsault gets two!  Magno is frustrated as he pulls Brewer up...German Suplex reversals...ref goes down!!  Clothesline by Brewer!  Ref is down!  Brewer has a chair!  Not even a folding one!  He misses with the chair!  Magno throws his mask at Brewer and covers his face!  Referee disqualifies Brewer for mask removal!

Winner: MAGNO by DQ (faked mask removal)

- Classic Eddie Guerrero stuff, just with a mask.  Decent stuff.

- Heavyweight title tournament continues next week.

- Either the crowd is dead or not mic'ed very well.  The announcers are corny, but the wrestlers are clearly putting a strong effort in.